We Tell You Just A Little About Spence Hay

Stan speaking to Spence Hap and wife Bobbi!  It was great to see that you have embedded the beads and in general made the courts look so much better compared to visit in March of 2014. As I understood your remarks during our visit on January 19th, you would be in support of a Tournament at NALCREST. . 

This gentleman, Mr Spence Hay is a retired doctor > AND he has agreed to come to Avon Park on November 10th to present with the hard copies of the Pix of Schleier. They will go into our HOF. David: You and Glenna may wish to choose Avon Park over Zephyr Hills AND ACCEPT THE PIX!! As you will see, he has accepted my invitation to dinner on the 10th.

Stan speaking to Bobbi: Yesterday, 2015 11 07, the Central District Board designated Larry Brown and I to work with you to determine if we can assist you in anyway to host some type of Tournament with the objective of helping your Club and Shuffleboard in general.  Larry and I are willing to come to Nalcrest to assist in any way you see reasonable.  You may recall that Larry and wife Ruth, joined us for lunch on Nov 10th, 2011 when your delivered Pix of Reiny to us for use in our Hall of Fame. We are anxious to work with you in this endeavour.  Please get back, sharing with me your thoughts in this regard.  Stan McCormack.     

Spence Hay Speaks: Bobbi and I are very much in favor of hosting a tournament here at Nalcrest. However, the decision is not up to us. During the past 3 years, Nalcrest has been in transition: Board of Trustees from the letter carriers union, new property and maintenance managers, many inspections by the county fire board, friction between our Residents Association and Nalcrest management.

    The only definitive answer I can give you right now is that we can’t give you a real answer at this time. Hopefully some time in the future, after we’ve made peace with management and get approval from them to host an outside group. This won’t happen overnight, but hopefully in the near future.

    Hope that somewhat answers your question. Is the Nalcrest Shuffleboard Club willing to host a tournament? A resounding YES. Is Nalcrest Management willing to allow it? We’ll find out eventually. We’ll keep in touch.

    Keep on shufflin’… spence

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