We Tell You Just A Little About Stan and Flow Kowalewski


Too often we direct our attention and concentrate our efforts on those Shufflers who have been with us for a very long time.  The Shuffler too, is guilty of this!  After all, it is so much easier!!

However; The Shuffler from time to time does direct our attention to shufflers who are in the early stages of their adventure. 

One such couple is Stan and Flo Kowalewski who shuffle out of Bradenton and live in North Carolina during the summer months.  Both are avid shufflers; both are affable and both are so easy to engage in conversation!! 

The photo in the margin is of Stan and Flo, who won the Florida State, Amateur Any Doubles at Avon Park on January 12th, 2010!  Folks, that makes Stan and Flo Florida State Doubles Champions!!  Let’s celebrate!!  They also get to take care of the plaque shown in the photo for a period of one year.  Look for their photo in the 2010 > 2011 PREVIEW!! 

Stan and Alf of The Shuffler.  2010 01 22. 

Just to let you know our journey continues and we both have made our Pro Status. 

Flo actually got hers by placing in Main of SWCD Pro Tournament on 7 Jan. 2010 but due to a rain delay was not offical until same was finished on 11 February 2010.  I also placed in the Main of SWCD  ProTournament,

but we needed to finish in the Main of our next State Amateur Tournament to get our Pro Certificates together.  We did that at Paradise Bay and are so happy that we will receive our Pro Certificates together next week.

Hope all is well with you both.  Hopefully we will see each other in a future tournament,if not we will make it a priority to get together before we all head back home.

Your Friends

Stan & Flo Kowalewski

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