We Tell You Just A Little About Stan and Jane Prime

JANE’S BIO : Jane has been involved in the sport of shuffleboard since 1993. She was captain of a team in Desert Holiday RV Park (Yuma, Arizona) for 15 years.

In Yuma, she served as an Executive Director for District 3 (Yuma) in the Arizona Shuffleboard Association Inc. for 5 years. She also served as a director for the Saskatchewan Shuffleboard Association for 3 years and then served as Treasurer for 2 years.

For the past 5 years (in the winter) she has resided at Sun Vista RV Resort (Yuma, AZ) and assists in teaching beginners in shuffleboard. She also, assists the Head Referee for District 3 (Yuma, AZ) in teaching the rules and how a referee conducts himself during a game.

Jane played for Canada’s International Team in Germany in 2010 and in Seattle, USA in 2012. She has qualified for the 33rd International and will be playing in Midland in August.

Jane played on Alberta’s Host Team in the Inter Provincials in 2011, finishing 1st.

Jane will be receiving a Hall of Fame award (in the player’s category) from the Arizona Shuffleboard Association in the fall of 2014.

Stan Prime’s Bio

In 1998, Stan bought a place in Yuma, Arizona to spend the winters. He started playing shuffleboard and, through a friend, got on a league team (that had just been reorganized) to try to qualify for the Arizona State, Team Playoffs. Not only did they make the playoffs, but they qualified for the State playoffs for the next 10 years, finishing 1st three times and second 5 times. It is a record that will likely never be broken. The last three years of that run, Stan served as captain.

Little did he know what the next 17 years would bring. He qualified for the Arizona State Singles, 5 times. The International at Midland will be his 5th time on the Canadian International Team having been to Mesa, Arizona 2004, Australia 2008, Germany 2010 and Seattle 2012. He has been on winning teams at the Western (largest shuffleboard tournament in the world) and at Hemet, California (likely the second largest tournament).

He played in the Inter Provincial tournament in Alberta in 2011 for Alberta.

He started playing shuffleboard in Alberta six years ago and has won the Innisfail and Brooks tournaments. The High River tournament has escaped him, but he did manage to win one of the hand craved trophies (of the sacred Indian site which today is the entrance to the town’s RV Park) which he values more than the other wins. In 2012 he has also won the Moose Jaw Singles in Saskatchewan.

In November of 2011, he received the Hall Of Fame Award from the Arizona Shuffleboard Association Inc., in the Player category. 

Today he remains active as the Head Referee in District 3, (Yuma Arizona), The Hall of Fame member for District 3 (served as Chairman twice), first vice for the Sun Vista RV Resort in Yuma and on the Board of Directors at Innisfail, Alberta.

Hi Stan McCormack from Stan Prime:

            Yes Jane and I are still together. Jane sold here house in Regina, Saskatchewan and is now living with Stan in Airdrie, Alberta. Since the last article in 2010 we played in the ISA in Germany. Since 2010, Jane has become my partner in doubles (Shirley had to find another partner). We are both playing for the Canada Western team in Seattle, in 2012. We play on the same team in the Western in Mesa/Apache Junction (Arizona) in November and in Hemet (California) in March. After Hemet, in 2012, we went to Sun City, California and played in the National Doubles and finished in second place.

            We will be playing in the Innisfail and High River doubles after the ISA. We are also going to Washing State in July, prior to the ISA, to play in the Washington State Senior Games.

            The picture below is from a reference to an article on Jane and me in the Moose Jaw Times Herald in July 2011. We were shuffling there at the time. The article is attached as “Moose Jaw”.

             If you want to do an article, you are free to use the information provided.

            Life is good.

Stan Prime

Here is the Newspaper Article >> MOOSE JAWTIMES-HERALD

How does a boy from Airdrie, Alta. meet a girl from Regina, Sask.? Not online, nor through a friend, but through playing a game they both love —shulfleboard.

Welcome to the love story of Stan Prime and Jane McWillie.

“We were playing together at the largest shuffle tournament in the world,” said Prime of the 24-team event held in Mesa, Ariz. in 2009. “We started going together.”

McWillie had another take on it

“He grabbed me and kissed me,” she said with friends chuckling in the background.

The two had met almost 10 years before at various shuffle tournaments and took a shining to each other after the passing of their spouses. Following one of the games Prime challenged McWillie to a game of crib where the loser would have to pay for dinner.

McWillie lost

“He probably felt a little guilty about it,” said McWillie, laughing. “That was the beginning of the be­ginning.”

The couple never looked back and have made playing shuffle-board a very significant part of their social life.

“We love playing together and being together,” said McWillie.

“It’s the social aspect,” said Prime. “Its fun and you get to meet people from all over!’

This past week the lovely cou­ple were at Timothy Eaton Gar­dens in Moose Jaw to play in the 17th annual Saskatchewan Shuf-fleboard Association tournament, “It’s quite a co-operative game,” said Shirley Gould, a member of the Saskatchewan Shuffleboard Association.

Many shuffleboard tourna­ments work on a draw concept where participants sign-up and are randomly placed with partners whom they may not have previ­ously met.

McWillie said she’s enjoyed every shuffle tournament with Prime except one.

“We played against each other and he beat me,” she quipped. “I didn’t, enjoy that very much.”

Playing with Prime in doubles tournaments is her favorite.

“In August we’ll be going to a doubles tournament in Innisfail, Alta.,” said McWillie. “We like that.”

A lot like curling, shuffleboard players push weighted pucks down a narrow court with hook-shaped sticks. While the goal is pushing pucks into a marked scoring area, most people are drawn by the social aspect.

Marie Johnson of Edmonton pushes a weighted puck forward during the 17th annual Saskatchewan                    Shuffleboard is the game which brought Stan Prime and Jane McWillie together.

  Shuffleboard Association Tournament.                                                              

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