We Tell You Just A Little About Steve Barnett

Steve Barnett Receives the Bob Perkins Award

Just in From Earl Ball:  Hi Stan,

Last evening at the ZSC Christmas party, Steve Barnett, was awarded the Perkins award which goes to the Club member, non-board member, who does the most for the Club.  Steve is our resident electrician but does so much more.  He takes part in all the skits, smiles and makes others smile.  We couldn’t be prouder of anyone than we are of Steve.  By the way, he’s the one I told you was helping out with the cooking for “Feed my Flock” on Christmas day.  It takes place in Zephyr Park if you want to stop by and see for yourself.  Be early, 11:00.  Bob picked up the Club donation at the Party; I don’t know how much it was.

Bob is Bob Harrington click:  https://theshuffler.net/2013/12/10/christmas-some-live-it-all-the-time/ He and Steve Barnett and others work under the name “Feed my Flock”.  I know they accept many types of donations; I’ve donated food, clothes and even furniture.  They use what they can and sell the rest on yard sales to raise more money for food.  It really is a good cause to help our local people who need the help.  I’m proud of the work they do and proud of our community for understanding and trying.  Earl Ball.

Stan speaks: The 100th Anniversary Committee, on behalf of ALL FLORIDA SHUFFLERS has sent along $100.00 to be used by “Feed My Flock”.  We congratulate all shufflers everywhere who participate in such acts of generosity and kindness

Stan McCormack, Chair 100th Anniversary Committee.  2013 12 15.

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