We Tell You Just A Little About Sue and Jerry Krynak


Two years ago, Jerry had this very significant win at the US Nationals in Hendersonville, NC.  The modesty of his remarks to the win was so typical of Jerry the Man.  He is missed by the Shuffling Community.  Stan, 2006 09 11.    

We Have A New US National (eastern) Singles Champion~~Men’s Event

You will recall that the Singles Event began on Monday, Sep 06th.  Rain delays and the Doubles Events forced delays until Sep 11th when we were able to wind up both the Mens and the Women’s Events~~the format, 2 out of 3 12 frame games.  To get to 1st place our 1st time winner had no easy task~~meeting en route such notables as The Golden Bear, Glen Peltier.  The Shuffler had an opportunity to speak with our winner~~Jerry Krynak of Ohio and Sanlan Ranch of the Central District of FL.  The Shuffler: “Jerry; Would you reflect on the tournament and tell us how you feel about the honour that you have just won for yourself.”  Gerry; “Well, it is a great honour to be here and to play~~I think I have to go back a little bit before this tournament and thank some of the shufflers who helped me. Buck Buchanan was the first one to give me some good advice~~Dave Minnich and Jim Clayton.  These are all top shufflers, they all helped, nobody tried to hold me back. It has really paid off to-day and I am just really fortunate to be here.”  The Shuffler; Your remarks indicate a good deal of modesty and I know that those you mentioned will appreciate those remarks.  In the end however; it was your ability to incorporate their good advice and execute during this tournament.  Congratulations from THE SHUFFLER on a very significant win!!   Stanistheman_200@yahoo.com  2004 09 12.

                                             SUE KRYNAK HOF INDUCTION

Today, Sue Krynak will enter the Central District Shuffleboard Hall of Fame as a player. It is my honour to share comments both about her personal and shuffleboard background. 

Sue grew up in Cleveland, Ohio being the eldest of 11 children. She worked as a long distance telephone operator for Ohio Bell and later as a service representative. Sue met her husband Jerry on a blind date on January 1, 1963 and they were married later that year. She was a stay at home mom for 20 years while raising their five children. After these important years for her children, she worked at a mail business sorting mail for a period of time. Jerry and Sue were experienced campers having taken their children, bicycles, clothing and supplies on trips close to home and to various locations around the United States.

After retirement their interests turned to Florida, where they spent two winters at Lady Lake. It was here that Sue’s interest in shuffleboard began. In 2000 Sue and Jerry moved to Sanlan Ranch, now Sanlan RV and Golf Resort. Soon the motor home was history as they purchased a home at Sanlan. Sue was reluctant to go beyond park shuffleboard, but Jerry encouraged and coached her until she reached pro status. Following Jerry’s passing, Sue has continued to enjoy winters at her Florida home. One of the many legacies left to her by Jerry is her love for and competitiveness in shuffleboard tournaments.

What is Sue like? In a few words I shall describe her……hardworking, smart, independent, forgiving, faithful, generous, friendly, compassionate, organized, loving mother and grandmother.

Sue has given back to shuffleboard by serving on the Central District Board and organizing the Reiny / Top 8 / Masters Tournaments for five years. As a result, Sue was inducted into the  HOF, Special Award category  in 2013.  As well, she has held offices in the Sanlan and Ohio shuffleboard clubs. For six years Sue has sponsored the pro tournament at Sanlan in memory of Jerry. How many people do you know who have achieved those final elusive HOF points by placing 1st in a singles tournament? This summer Sue will have three HOF honours as she will be inducted into the Ohio Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.

Those of us who know Sue reasonably well know the importance of Jerry in her life. This importance continues:Those we love don’t go away, so Jerry walks beside Sue every day–unseen, unheard, but always near–still loved, still missed, and very dear.

 All assembled here today offer our sincere congratulations on your HOF achievement. All the best.

 Presented by Doug Stockman March 13, 2015

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2 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Sue and Jerry Krynak

  1. jerry krynak says:

    THANKS STAN brought back some fond memories, Sue

    Liked by 1 person

    • stanistheman says:

      Thank You Sue for acknowledging > and thanking!! Not many do? I do not have a pic of you and Jerry together OR, I would have posted. That was the ONLY pic of Jerry I had. Stan


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