We Tell You Just A Little About Sven Wuellner

Sven Wuellner Will Be In Sochi Russia!!

NOTE: Article not sent out (distributed) as I realized Sven not going to Sochi.

Sven, (30) lives in Langenselbold near Frankfurt, Germany.
Sven is a cabinet maker; his hobbies besides Shuffleboard are handball and dancing. And to demonstrate, we have Sven dancing with Geraldine Strong at the Midland, ON 26th ISA.

Sven has a very respectable shuffleboard record. In the GSA he finished 3rd in 2006; 4th in 2007; 4th in 2009 which gives him a Life Time ranking of 5th in the GSA.

Sven loves travelling and is very much looking forward to competing in his 2nd World Singles in Dieppe, NB this August.  He is equally excited about Sochi!!

Sven like his Mom and Dad, Lore & Dieter, learned the game on the Husssmann’s courts.  His enthusiasm and ability were evident from the beginning.  While shuffling in Midland, ON in 2007, he met Peter and Erika Berg.  The Bergs had the Hussmanns, Dieter and Birgitt, and Sven out to their lovely home on an island in Georgian Bay. Sven was very excited about their hospitality, and told his parents about the new friends he made during his trip.  (To refresh your memory of Peter and Erika, see Article 6.) 

Stan Writing in Calabogie, ON 2011 05 08.    


Like you, our interest was aroused when we read the story about a member of the German Team, a New Member of a New Team who was obviously enjoying the sport immensely!!   Upon examination we find that both his son and his wife are International Shufflers >> wife Lore a member of the UN Team and son Sven a member of the German Men’s Team.  We asked Birgitt and Dieter (Hussmann) to tell us just how this FAMILY PARTICIPATION came about.  This is their story: >> THE WUELLNER STORY: 

When we moved to Langenselbold about 8 years ago, we instantly built up a friendship with Sven Wuellner, the son of our neighbours Lore and Dieter Wuellner.
From the time we put a Shuffleboard Court into our backyard and told Sven about the sport of Shuffleboard he immediately was excited about the game.

After the International tournament 2006 in Lakeside, Ohio, where we were lucky to represent Germany within the UN-Team, he decided to do everything he could to participate at the next International tournament. He started to practice and studied the information material we gave him.

In order to realize his dream he saved all his money and earned some extra Euros by working overtime.

He finally made it and joined us for Midland, Ontario 2007 where he met Peter and Erika Berg.  Both had invited all of us to stay a few days at their lovely home on a small island in Georgian Bay. Sven was very excited about their hospitality, and told his parents about the new friends he made during his trip. They started to get curious about Shuffleboard as well.

After Sven’s mother Lore shuffled a few times with us, father Dieter decided to give it a try as well.

As many times before, Shuffleboard spoke for itself when being played and now we have a much closer relationship to our neighbours, the Wuellners.

As Sven was keen to travel to Australia and participate at the next ISA team event in 2008, he was supported by his parents who made up their minds and decided to join him on his journey. That is, how the whole family Wuellner became representatives for Germany during the ISA tournament.

Dieter and Lore Wuellner, both are now dedicated Shufflers and especially Dieter with his many contacts is instrumental in bringing Shuffleboard further step by step.

Dieter and Birgitt Hussmann; Neighbours of the Wuellner family. 2008-10-20.

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