We Tell You Just A Little About Trevor Colby

Trevor Colby Shuffleboard Bio

Competed on the UK team in 35th ISA Championships at St. Cloud, Florida. Scheduled to play in 37th ISA at High River, Alberta. Member of Clearwater, FL club. Enjoys playing tournaments in Florida and Ontario.

We try to be as active as we can,  but we too are noticing the effects of ageing partiularly since last summer.

Before being shufflers, we were avid lawn bowlers and when in February 2015 we came to the conclusion that sport had becme too strenuous for us, we walked across the carpark from the lawn bown bowling club to the shufffleboard club to see what it had to offer.

Little did we know how many challenges this game presents.

We realize we are never going to become pros or even state amateurs, but we do like meeting people and playing in tournaments. Only on two occasions since we started have I reached the second day (1/2 point) and Joy has reached it once. 

We hope to meet you one day.

I have read a few of the postings about the UK & Austria tour. It looked very good and I was offered a chance to go on it; considered it and declined because I felt it would be too tiring for us both.

I must say it is extremely admirable of you to devote a considerable amoount of your time to moderating the Shuffler.net website; thus making use of your experience in a very profitable way. 

To satisfy my curiosity, how and when was Shuffler.net iniated?

Best regards,

Trevor Colby

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