We Tell You Just A Little About Vina DeForest

Vina in Green


MESA, AZ 2004 23RD ISA!! an encore presentation!!

by stan mccormack 2006 06 05.

One thing we did have at AZ was a significant number of people watching the Games!! However; not all the viewers had as much ISA competitive experience as Vina Deforest of Alberta.  When we began talking, it was about the match I had just completed. Vina offered the opinion that to “play on the Board” as we had been, was a much better game to watch.  I immediately knew that I was speaking with someone who had shuffled before.  I put my trusty recorder to work and captured these remarks: Vina: “My first ISA was in Laguna Hills (CA) in 1982; I didn’t know what I was doing there to tell you the truth, but we won, the Canadian Women Won.  And the next time we held it in Venture Out in AZ, in 1984 and a lot of the Japanese people who were playing at that time are playing now. They were university students at that time and now, here to-day, many are introducing me to their husbands.  The next time was in St Petersburg FL, in I think it was 1986.  We did not win it that year.  Then we went in 1988, to Yokahama and we won there.  They told us that because we had won in 1982, and our other wins, we were in the ISA Hall of Fame.”  THE SHUFFLER: That is fantastic Vina.  To add, Vina is 91 years young; I have her permission to tell you that, and for the record, her memory is far superior to my own!!  THE SHUFFLER salutes Vina and the Women Players on the Canadian Teams identified by her. NOTE: I am absolutely convinced that I took a photo of Vina. However; search my files as I may, I can find no trace of her pix??  My apologies. Vina; if you are reading this, please send along a  photograph to stanistheman_200@yahoo.com  04 03 24 

2006 NOTE: I have talked with Vina on two occasions since writing this in 2004.  Strong and vibrant are two words that come to mind!!  Good shuffling ~~ and if you should see Vina, perhaps at the Red Deer Event this June, for goodness sake say hello!!  Stan McCormack 2006 06 05.      

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