We Tell You Why You Should Have More Sex!!!

8 Scientific Reasons People Like to Get Busy Between The Sheets ((If Only I Had Known!!))

8 Scientific Reasons People Like to Get Busy Between The Sheets

Sex is a normal, perfectly natural part of the human experience. Aside from being an amazing relationship booster and an even better way to spend a lazy afternoon, sex also comes with its own fair share of scientific advantages. Almost every part of your life, from your looks to your sleep schedule, can benefit from having a healthy, active sex life. Don’t believe us? Well here are 8 science-backed reasons you should be jumping your partner right now. Continue Reading: 8 Scientific Reasons People Like to Get Busy Between The Sheets

1. They Get More Sleep

It’s no secret that a particularly heavy romp in the sack can make you a little winded and ready for a quick nap, but that tiredness is due to more than just you working up a sweat. Relaxation hormones like oxytocin and prolactin, among a few others, are released during and immediately after sex, making you the perfect candidate for a little down time. Due to the slowing down of their prefrontal cortex, men have a tendency to conk out even faster after they reach orgasm.

2. It’s A Natural Pain Reliever

It’s time to put away those over the counter pain meds and get rid of that heating pad for your aching muscles. All you need to relieve your minor aches and pains is a round of hot lovin’. As mentioned before, sex is the perfect precursor to the release of feel-good hormones like oxytocin and serotonin, as well as tons of endorphin’s. When combined, these hormones help overrun your body with pleasure and euphoria, effectively making you forget all about those pesky pains of yours.

3. They Are Less Stressed

Work stressing you out? Kids driving you to the brink of insanity? Still angry over your favorite team’s Super Bowl loss? Sex can totally help with that. Along with helping to lower your blood pressure, regular sexual activity also has a way of keeping you stress free. Studies have shown that those who have regular, penetrative sexual intercourse tend to experience cell growth within the part of their brain that controls stress (the hippocampus). Effectively allowing them to keep those sweaty palms and panic attacks at bay while they get their mack on.

4. It Keeps Them Healthy

Much like going for a walk on your treadmill or taking a jog around the block, indulging in some sexy times can seriously help improve your physical health. Along with the fact that long intervals of sexual activity can help you burn upwards of 100 calories, getting busy is also a fantastic immune system booster and a heart strengthener. Having sex upwards of a few times a week can heighten your levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which does wonders for fighting common colds and other nasty infections. Studies also show that men who have sex at least two to three times a week are less likely to suffer from deaths related to heart disease.

5. It Keeps Them Looking Young

You can forget about those night creams, handy dandy gels, and perfectly colored hair dye. The secret to looking younger for longer is right there in your bedroom…or on your kitchen table…or in your car. It may please you to know that all that sex you’ve been having is probably the real reason behind your youthful good looks. A particular Scottish scientific study has shown that couples who have sex three or more times a week tend to look, at least, 10 years younger than other people in their age group. Due to the amount of estrogen that is released during orgasms, in men and women both, the body gets a major improvement on the quality of skin and hair, keeping lovers attractive for years to come. It’s also no secret that these attractive, but horny, couples also tend to be more confident and secure in their relationships as well.

6. They Are Smarter

While it’s true that nothing can truly compete with a good education and a thirst for knowledge, making love can really help improve those smarts. Sex definitely won’t turn you into a bonafide Mensa member, but a little (or a lot of) time in the sack may turn you into a more intelligent thinker. Along with stress control, your hippocampus also helps store memories, and during sex that part of your brain is stimulated, causing a serious increase in neurons that keep your memory good and healthy.

7. It Can Help Prevent Cancer

Everyone knows that there is no real cure for cancer. Well, not yet anyway. That means your best bet is to do everything you can to prevent it while you’re still healthy. Along with vitamins, eating well, and regular exercise, sex is a fantastic prevention technique. Many studies suggest that older men who ejaculate regularly can significantly lower their risk of getting prostate cancer later in life by up to 22 percent. The verdict is still out on exactly why this is but many suggest that carcinogens are accurately flushed out of the prostate with frequent ejaculation.

8 of 8 – They Are More Fertile

If you and your partner are trying to get pregnant, there’s no better way to increase your chances than by having a boat-load of sex. There are numerous studies that support this theory. One of the most well-known being that men who ejaculate every day make room for better quality sperm by then end of the week. The other being that the immune system boost women get from sex can better prepare their bodies for pregnancy.

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1 Response to We Tell You Why You Should Have More Sex!!!

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Number 9. A new partner a day keeps the doctor away.
    Number 10. Keeps your mind active stimulated thinking up good excuses of where you’ve been.


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