We Tell You Just A Little About the Bluenose Shuffleboard Club.

Bluenose Shuffleboard Club

After spending about 17 winters in Zephyrhills, Florida we began to realize that our new found love for shuffleboard was the main thing we could not duplicate here in Nova Scotia.

In preparation for”Life after Florida “ we purchased two blue courts in 2017 and started looking for a place to play in our hometown Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. We advertised though Parks and Recreation Dept and the local curling club and held two clinics. We became incorporated in 2018 under the name “Bluenose Shuffleboard Club.”

Each year thereafter we would purchase two more courts from our friend Jim Allen ( Allen Shuffleboard, St Pete , Fl) and bring them home in our motor home. Now we have over 20 regular  members plus a few drop ins.

In 2020, due to Covid 19 we could not accept new members or drop ins. We do, however, have a short waiting list of people wanting to join this summer. We have four courts at our Baptist Church for Monday year around play.  In addition we have 6 courts from spring to fall in the curling club and then for the winter we reduce to 3 courts  in their activity hall.

The Bridgewater Curling Club will be home for the CNSA Interprovincial tournament.

We are operating in survival mode until the pandemic is over. Then plan the next phase to expand membership to a maximum of 30 members. Then, time to relax and simply enjoy all the benefits of this game. For seniors to remain healthy one needs to have a social life,keep moving and use our brains. All three are included in this game we call Shuffleboard.

Jim and Ellie Crowell ejcrowell47@gmail.com

Hi Stan: Jim Crowell Speaking in 2020.

Just a note to let you know how much my wife Ellie and I enjoyed attending our first Florida Hall of Fame banquet and the tournament.

We realized that as amateurs we would be playing against the pros- however- we respect the pros and learn so much from them.

There is just so much more to the FSA then most people realize. We wanted to show our support and appreciation by attending.

Back in our home town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia we recently purchased two roll out courts and have formed the Bluenose Shuffleboard Club. Our incorporation was approved this week and we have our first directors and can now look for funding for more courts. Also, in NS we are proud to have inductee Glenna Earle and she and David are supportive of our new club.

Davic and Glenna

The timeless amount of volunteer work done by current and former boards of the FSA and all the districts is truly incredible.

We believe that more knowledge and history of the FSA would serve to motivate the newer amateurs to stick with it, get involved and to help keep the shuffleboard legacy for generations to come. Congrats to all (5) 2018 Hall of Fame inductees and a big THANK YOU To all the players and all the volunteers for making this game what it is today.

Jim Crowell

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2 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About the Bluenose Shuffleboard Club.

  1. Glenna & David says:

    Well said Crowell’s!
    Congratulations to you both for the hard work you have done, and continue to do, to get your club off the ground and to support shuffleboard in NS. It is paying off, in spite of Covid.


  2. gerdykman says:

    Congratulations Jim and Ellie
    Your hard work and love for the game is paying off.
    We did apply for the I P in June or September.
    Hope that we can participate.


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