We Tell You Just A Little About Walt Furze (AND the NL/LA Team)

The pic is of the Newfoundland/Labrador Shuffleboard Team in Canada’s Inter Provincial Tournament of 2013!  The two “Newfoundlanders” on the left are Walt and Ruth doing what they love to do >> Play Shuffleboard!!  No, the Furzes are not from Newfoundland >> BUT there is a “connection” > to understand, click here and scroll down to BIOS Nfld. Team.  Good informatiion on everyone in the pic > WHEN/IF YOU CLICK ON THE LINK within this article:   https://theshuffler.net/2013/06/13/ip-team-player-list-for-newfoundland-and-labrador/

I can only imagine, the disappointment felt by Walt by not being able to once again VOLUNTEER!!  A Big Shout Out to all the Volunteers!!  I saw several from Woodbrook.  And of course, I am so glad Walt and Ruth got to see the show!!! 

Ruth and Walt:  So good to hear from the two of you.  Please send along an update each time “You Feel Like It”!!   

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