We Tell You Just A Little About Wilbur Estes

This entire file, AS WELL AS, “A Courtin by Wilbur” was read (extremely well read) by the Pastor at Wilbur’s Memorial Service at his Resort in FL on 2009 01 17.  Alf and Stan attended.


As many of you now know, Wilbur Estes passed away on October 31st 2008 in his home state of Maine.  

On October 21st   in a message to me, Wilbur wrote in part:   “Stan.  I am pleased to see that your Australian trip and tourney, were a great success.  I have not been following Shuffleboard closely of late, as I am recovering (slowly) from a couple of “heart episodes”.  My activities are on “hold’, as is my return to Florida.” Wilbur. 

Wilbur was a strong supporter of, and a significant contributor to The Shuffler and to Shuffleboard.  Regular readers will warmly remember not only his advice and observations with regard to the execution of the game, but also his stories about life, his life and his values.  Who can forget his wonderful story “A Courtin By Wilbur” >> click here to re-read: (see the bulletin board)

Wilbur was pleased, proud and very honoured to have been inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame in 2008.   In one of our many exchanges he expressed these remarks with the smiley face at the end of the remark: I am happy that it is not a posthumous award (I am not sure that I would know I had been honored; and do not want to wander aimlessly through eternity, in a dark shroud of resentment J ).  He continued: “I feel that this is probably the apex of my shuffleboard career. I am saddened that I no longer have the stamina to play tournaments (or perhaps, not at all). My waning dedication and enthusiasm is saddening.  However, there is life beyond shuffleboard, and even without an active shuffleboard career, “Life is Good”! 

The very positive attitude of Wilbur was oft expressed in this brief but meaningful phrase which he ended many of his exchanges with me >> Life is Good”!  Indeed if one measures the contribution Wilbur made to his country while serving as a US Marine, his contribution to the sport of Shuffleboard as summarized in his HOF Induction Remarks, along with authoring the most successful MODULAR SHUFFLEBOARD, indeed Wilbur Estes did have a Good Life.  He will be missed by all Shufflers.  

The Hall of Fame Special Award remarks appear below.  They also appear on page 8 of the 2008-2009 PREVIEW.  The remarks were offered by yours truly on the occasion of Wilbur’s Induction at the 2008 FSA Banquet. 

Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER  2008-11-03. 

Hall of Fame Special Award

Wilbur’s nomination is to the “SPECIAL” Category:

Some definitions of SPECIAL: Unusual; superior; held in esteem; distinct.  Indeed Wilbur has been seen as each of these and others during his long career serving the FSA.  Wilbur has in the past and continues to this day to demonstrate the courage to address matters related to Shuffleboard in a forthright manner.  Some may question this direct approach but one aspect of Wilbur’s behavior which is unquestionable is his dedication AND his devotion to the Sport of Shuffleboard.

Wilbur came to the rescue of the FSA so to speak; the Keeper of Records (KOR) of the day had just resigned and Wilbur was asked to take on the task. He had the foresight to recognize that the computer was the key to the success of the maintenance of accurate records needed to support the FSA.  To make this statement in 2007 seems self-evident, even redundant, however; in the early 1990s it was seen as a less than a progressive step by many Shufflers.  Wilbur, with the help of his wife Pearle, demonstrated the strength of his conviction and spent untold hours in making the change from a manual time consuming paper oriented task to a system, although modified & substantially improved, continues to this day. The significance of the change to the computer cannot be overestimated.  Wilbur took on the KOR duties and demonstrated the vision to make the FSA a more efficient and more effective organization. One other contribution by Wilbur: When Wilbur became The KOR the KOR had no “Voice” and no “Vote” on the FSA Board.  He believed that this was an injustice and spoke eloquently to allow the KOR to have both a voice and a vote.  During his tenure of office as KOR Wilbur defined the duties of the position, something which had not been done up to this time.  Wilbur’s term of office may not have been long, but he certainly had a positive impact on the office that continues to this day!


Glenna held a memorial service on January 17th, in the Park in Lakeland where the two had lived for the past 3 years. Approximately 50 turned out to celebrate the life of Wilbur Estes; among the 50 were 14 Shufflers from across the District. 

The Piphers, in co-operation with The Shuffler, had printed of various photos of Wilbur, framed them and displayed same at the service.  Top photo is of Glenna and Lois;  2nd photo is of a much younger Wilbur as a US Marine, and finally the  photo of some of the assembled guests.   

The pastor’s remarks included the reading of the announcement of Wilbur’s passing as posted on The Shuffler, including the FSA Induction remarks, gracious remarks from Terry Rainwater and Fred Wilkens.  Fred and Elizabeth were in attendance.  Central District President Glenn Munroe was invited to the podium and recounted his memories of Wilbur in support of Glenna.

At the end of the service Glenna thanked everyone and expressed her tribute to Wilbur noting that their time together had been blissful, and they had hoped to have at least one more winter together.  The Church Women then offered Cake, Coffee and Tea to all guests.  

Stan and Alf of The Shuffler. (Both attended) 2009 01 17.        

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