We Tell You Just A Little About Wilma McLung

We will begin with a Wonderful Statement by Wilma’s Granddaughter, Amanda Miller: You will be sorely missed, Granny . I would say I hope you can rest easily, but I have a feeling there’s already a line of people waiting on waffles. So hold down the fort until we all eventually join you. 

Every Sport Has Its Icons!!
Such individual have become synonymous with the Sport: Golf has its Tiger Woods, Shufflers in Florida can choose between Canadian Glen Peltier or American Earl Ball:
Shufflers in Woodbrook Estates
We do so not only because of her performance on the Courts, but more particularly because of her outstanding performance as Club President from 2008-2010.

Woodbrook Estates in Lakeland Florida may possibly be considered a sleepy winter retirement home for many snow birds. However; that is not the case with the young at heart President of the Woodbrook Shuffleboard Club, “Wilma McClung”. Wilma McClung was born and raised on a farm in West Virginia, a farm that she still calls home for the summer months. She was an elementary school teacher for 43 years, and along with her husband, raised four sons and one daughter.

Several years after the passing of her husband, Wilma moved into Woodbrook for the winter months where she had a cousin and close friend, Mariam McCullogh. Wilma has now been a resident of Woodbrook for over 12 years.

Wilma McClung took over the role of Club President as a result of an unfortunate illness of the previously elected president Harry Parrott. Wilma has never once looked back.

Wilma’s role in Woodbrook goes well beyond that of being president of the Shuffleboard Club; she is involved in several other organizations within Woodbrook Estates and completely dedicated to each. 

Throughout the winter months she hosts several “Waffle Breakfast’s” for the shuffleboard players / her friends and neighbours alike, and her Waffles are a specialty. She always says her personal waffle recipe is the secret to the great breakfast, and being raised on a farm gave her the background for her hospitality.

Wilma has also hosted several special events for the Shuffleboard players at her house, such as pizza days / ice cream socials / and the list goes on and on.

Wilma takes great pride in mixing the pancake ingredients for as many as 300 who attend the Pancake breakfast that is run by the Shuffleboard Club on the last Sat of the month throughout the winter.    

Wilma’s most recent example of “doing for others” was her Strawberry Social complete with sandwiches, beverage and strawberry short cake, completely sponsored and hosted by Wilma on Sat Feb 20th at the Woodbrook Club.  In excess of 60 shufflers participated in yet another example of Wilma’s generosity. Each family was presented with a DVD, c/w music and photographs that Wilma had in her collection.  

Wilma’s generosity and dedication to Shuffleboard may not build a collection of points toward the Florida State Hall of Fame, but the members of the Woodbrook Estates Shuffleboard Club regard Wilma as one of the best ambassadors the game of shuffleboard will ever experience.

Gary Pipher.  Incoming President of the Woodbrook Shuffleboard Club.     2010-03-21.

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