We Tell You Just A Little About Winnie Wells

Winnie Wells, Wonderful Winnie Wells!!!

Winnie Wells will turn 99 this weekend!!!! (2020 06 21) Winnie Wells is still an active and competent shuffler!!! 

NOT ONLY does she still shuffle like the “Pro” she is, she still drives, she still cares for her beautiful flowers; and she takes fine care of her yard.

This lady never stops smiling, she loves people and loves life. Kay Cramblit shared with me that when she started shuffling, Winnie  was one of the people that always encouraged her!!  

Go Here for a much better pic of Winnie + some additional information: WONDERFUL WINNIE WELLS | Your Source for Shuffleboard News (theshuffler.net)

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1 Response to We Tell You Just A Little About Winnie Wells

  1. Glenna Earle says:

    This means that Winnie will be 100 this year?
    Way to go Winnie, a sweeter more pleasant person never hit the shuffle courts.
    All the best Winnie. Wish we could be there for your 100th!
    Love, Glenna & David Earle

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