More on Canada’s Interprovincial by Jim and Ellie Crowell.

Jim and Ellie Crowell

Recently Stan asked me how I came to host the next CNSA IP Tournament scheduled for September 6- 10th 2021.
To the best of my recollections it started in Florida when I was talking to Gerrit Dykman about CNSA in general and tournaments in Canada. I learned that CNSA needed a host province for 2021. I thought “Wow” what an opportunity for our 2 year old club to get on the map and promote Shuffleboard in Nova Scotia. My wife Ellie and I started Bluenose Shuffleboard Club from scratch with our own resources so I didn’t know if we could handle it.
At my next Florida tournament, Jim Corbeil came right up to me and asked me to consider hosting. He must have been talking to Gerrit. He promised me all the support and resources I would need. I had to say “YES, we can do that”.  Last spring(2020) when I came home I explained this to our club members. Who in turn make a motion to have our club be the official host. So- Fellow Shufflers – get your vaccine and make plans to attend IP 2021 in Nova Scotia.
In the Gaelic language, the word Nova Scotia means “New Scotland”. So we use the Gaelic  phase “Cead Mile Failte”
      “ A Hundred Thousand Welcomes”

Jim and Ellie Crowell
Bluenose Shuffleboard
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3 Responses to More on Canada’s Interprovincial by Jim and Ellie Crowell.

  1. Bill B says:

    Reblogged this on CNSA Shuffleboard Canada.

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  2. John Houghtaling says:

    Great team work to get people interested to play our great game; thanks gang!!!!…

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  3. Ann Engell says:

    Can’t wait!


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