We Tell You Just A Little About Yoshiko Suzuki


Hello Stan:  Thank you for mentioning Curling and Shuffleboard.  (See the article below > JAPANESE CURLERS SEEKING ADVICE FROM JAPANESE SHUFFLERS)  

I am really enjoying watching on TV the Winter Olympics in Canada lately every day. Opening ceremony was so beautiful and there are a full of great idea. It makes me so happy.

As you say, Curling and Shuffleboard have a good deal in common.  Many Japanese have a very high interest and a high popularity about Curling by watching on TV at this time.  So it becomes very easy to explain about Shuffleboard to my friends or acquaintances. Unfortunately, both games don’t have much coverage in Japan though.  Tomorrow I will enjoy Figure Skating, young lady in your country and ours on TV. 

Please have fun the Wonderful Olympics!!!

Yoshiko Suzuki.

SHUFFLER’S NOTE: It is a “small world”!  The two figure skaters that Yoshiko is speaking about are Mao Asada of Japan and Canadian Joannie Rochette.  Not only that, Mao Asada’s coach is Canadian Brian Orser who from all reports is highly regarded celebrity in Japan.

Stan and Alf of The Shuffler.  2010-02-25  

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1 Response to We Tell You Just A Little About Yoshiko Suzuki

  1. Alice Smith says:

    Are you playing in Ingersoll right now? Can anyone join? We play in Arizona in the winter months and have come to love it.


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