We Tell You Just A Little About Wally Jopka

Wally Jopka of Manitoba writing in 2009.

I am very interested in shuffleboard. I’ve shuffled in Weslaco, Tx.for 12 years. My wife and I have membership with the Texas Shuffle association.

5 years ago my wife and I were instrumental in starting up shuffling in Winnipeg. We started up with 28 players and 3 courts in a community club. Today we 120 shufflers and 5 courts. We are the only club in Winnipeg.

The members are basically all seniors that used to winter in Florida, Texas and Arizonia.

I was in charge of running shuffleboard for the MSOS games when it was held in Winnipeg in 2008 and again last year in Lundar, MB. Killarney contacted me yesterday if I would help run shuffling for there MSOS games.

I do know persons in most communities that have shuffling, thus felt comfortable in helping out where I can. I ran the 1st. friendly shuffleboard tournament within our club on Wed and Thursday this week. They really enjoyed it and indicated I should run this as an annual for windup. 

Trust this gives you a bit of information about myself.

Wally Jopka

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