70th Anniversary: Life Is An Adventure!! Stan and Lois Travel to Europe!! (Stan Speaks: I will now begin a series re June 6th, 1944)

On the morning of 2014 06 02, Stan and Lois drive from our home in Calabogie to our son’s home in Ottawa. Our Daughter in law drives us to Ottawa International Airport and we begin our travels for 2014.

These 4 Decorated Vets flew with us. Two landed on D-Day; two on D-Day + 1

We fly from Ottawa to Toronto where we board an aircraft destined for Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris, yes, Paris, France! We have a guided tour of Paris on Tuesday, June 03rd.

On Wednesday morning, June 4th, we travel to Normandy and the Normandy Beaches. However; we are not at the beaches to enjoy the water; we are here to take part in the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, June 6th, 1944.

Many Canadians will have heard of, or perhaps visited, the Juno Beach Centre. If you are not familiar with the Juno Beach Centre I suggest you click here: http://www.junobeach.org/

The Prime Minister of Canada will be at the Centre on June 6th, along with many other dignitaries. We may not be able to gain access on the 6th, but we have been assured access on the 7th of June. In the immediate area, also in respect of D-day, will be: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of Canada and Prince Phillip, the Prince of Wales; President Putin; and although I cannot tell you who will be in the Normandy area representing the USA, I fully expect it will be the President or the Vice President.

Peter Mansbridge, host of CBC News will be present to provide comprehensive coverage of the entire event.

We tour the Normandy area until Wednesday, June 11th, at which time we travel to Amsterdam AND do the Canal Tours. Shufflers who participated in the Holland-German Inaugural of 2008 will recall that we took the Canal cruise as a part of the Holland component of the Inaugural.

We fly from Amsterdam to Toronto on June 12th. Don’t be surprised if I have a few postings, c/w pix, on the BLOG.

Stan and Lois at Pearson International Airport, Toronto, 2014 06 02 16:51 local.  Do hope you enjoy!!

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