Michael and Ivone Celebrate 17 Years of Happiness!!!

The bride and groom above was the actual Wedding Invitation sent to those invited to their wedding. These words accompanied the invitation:

Michael And Ivone are getting Married on March 12, 2004 at 18:00 at the “Always and Forever” Chapel in Las Vegas and you are invited !           Come join Michael & Ivone and the entire Brazilian Shuffleboard Team on this joyous occasion

Re pic top centre: Photo was the formal introduction of Ivone to the International Shuffleboard Community.  The introduction took place in Mesa, AZ on the occasion of the 2004 ISA Team Tournament. The gentleman doing the Intro is the then ISA President Joe Messier.

In 2006, Michael was inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame. During the 20 years that Michael has been involved with the ISA, we have often taken for granted his fine leadership. We will always remember the positive changes he has brought to the ISA. Please remember that for 17 of those years of SUCCESS, he was fully and completely supported by IVONE!! We all know the old saying: Behind every successful man is a hard working successful WOMAN!!!

Stan McCormack >> 2021 03 12

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1 Response to Michael and Ivone Celebrate 17 Years of Happiness!!!

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Thank you very much for the walk down memory lane. Our honeymoon started right after the Brazilian Team including Ivone and I competed in the ISA World Championship in Mesa, Arizona in 2004. Rocky and GiGi Briggs were there at the wedding in Las Vegas and escorted all of us across the desert to Arizona. They are forever in our hearts.

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