70th Anniversary of D-Day >

P 11 70th Anniversary of D-Day, June 6th, 1944

This is another in the very personal stories of one of the 4 WW II Vets travelling with us. Two of the four landed on June 6th, and this brief narrative will be on one of the two.
His name; Edgar Bedard, Edgar is 90, lives in Sault St Marie, and is full of energy! The photo of him at the top was taken by me at the June 6th Ceremony. At this service Edgar got to shake hands with the Prime Minister, or perhaps it would be more correct to say that the Prime Minister got to shake hands with Edgar!! The local newspaper, the next morning, had a pic of Edgar dancing with his Care Giver, his daughter in law, Mary. “Care Giver” does not denote the need for care, but rather, each WW II Vet was accompanied by a “Care Giver”. They provided needed support as required, depending on the individual.

Now to the personal item regarding Edgar. On D-Day, Edgar came ashore on Juno Beach under heavy gun fire and facing a significant wall, circa 2 meters high. After breaching the wall, and while escorting 11 prisoners, one who was wounded and being carried by fellow prisoners, they moved quickly to this very home and moved the prisoners to the basement. (see pic) On this day, June 8th, 2014, Edgar and I were able to gain access to the same home. We got access to the basement where he had left his initials in 1944. However; the wall had been partially resurfaced and the initials had been covered over. The current owners were very pleased to have all Canadian visit the house, but especially Edgar, who was after all, a returning guest. Back to 1944; Edgar left the prisoners and moved with his fellow soldiers toward their objective, the city/town of Caen. They came within a few kilometers of achieving that objective.
Stan McCormack. 2014 06 09 22:30 at time of writing. Will post in the a.m. of the 10th.

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  1. debsturat says:

    Great Story. Impressive man!

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