I Bet AGAINST Earl >> and LOST!!!

I can think of no individual who devotes more time and energy in support of Shuffleboard than Earl Ball!!!  I first met Earl and Vivian on the Inaugural to Ireland, I believe in 2000.  I could list numerous stories to reinforce this point.  However; since we are looking back to 2005 I have selected part of an article I wrote and published/posted in 2004.  I give you Earl Ball. 

(2004): This is probably an appropriate time to relate a “tale” about Earl, an absolutely true story that started in Brazil in 2002and ended in Lakeside, OH in 2003!!    Since I come from the same “District” as Earl, I was not unaware of his prowess on the Courts!!   While participating in the Brazil Inaugural, 2002 in Rio de Janeiro, Michael Zellner, President of the Brazilian Shuffleboard Assn. and I often discussed shuffling and as quite often happens when you discuss shuffling, Earl’s name surfaces!!   We each had an opinion re his skill on the Courts!!   Just prior to last year’s National Singles Event in Lakeside, Michael and I got together online, and made a wager ~~ I selected Jacques Bergeron to win the event!!  I did not tell Michael that Jacques was the 2002 Champion and had to be a tower of strength, a formidable opponent!!   Michael with the benefit of hindsight, demonstrated better judgment and selected Earl Ball.  I don’t think I have to tell you that Earl won the event!!  I was to have paid my debt~~with a Canadian $2.00 bill, (yes we used to have them); at the International in Mesa!!   However; the right time never seemed to occur~~so Michael is still earning interest on Earl’s ability!!  There are a dozen stories one could tell about Earl~~but the message is constant, AND EARL IS THAT MESSAGE!  He is forever promoting the sport of Shuffling.   As Earl goes to Lakeside to defend his National Singles Title; as Earl begins his surgery ~~All Shufflers Everywhere, and this time we mean “everywhere”, wish Earl a rapid recovery to his surgery.  Hey Shufflers, Did You Ever Think That He Just May Be Even Better When He Gets “FIXED UP”??   Stan McCormack 2004 – 07 – 16. 

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  1. Michael Zellner says:

    17 Years ago. Unbelievable….I saw a golfer who was just taking up Shuffleboard and saw something special in him. Earl Ball is now a name known all around the world.

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