Past President Glen Peltier Speaks on 2010 02 12


  • Is the FSA point system fair??
  • Twenty five years ago, there were no points for consolation. 
  • We had no splits.  The splits have given us some smaller numbers that make it easier to win. 
  • BUT twenty five years ago, we gave 10 pts for first in Singles, 8 pts for second, 6 pts for third and 5 for fourth.
  • We had six Singles during the season.  Now just four!!
  • The great Charlie Bone once won five Singles for fifty points in Singles in one year!! (click on HERE in the margin)
  • I truly feel the FSA has done a great job of keeping the point system constant for so long. 
  • As for smaller draws hurting the game; just look at the leaders.  Judy Taylor is in the lead and never goes to the smaller draws.  Jim Miller, the same.  I’ve never heard either complain. 
  • It’s the game that counts.  It’s ours to enjoy.
  • Glen Peltier.  FSA President Elect.  2010 02 12. 
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