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By FSA President Elect Glen Peltier 

Why were percentages used to determine the men’s winners?   Jack Schneider, the president of the South East District was the director. He could never have guessed what would happen in this Masters. Rosaire Biron told me the day before that he was not feeling well. He seemed to be off balance.  He had problems his first day losing five of six.  He told me on Monday that he was not coming back Tuesday morning. He was having an inner ear problem and left for home.  That threw everything up in the air as to how to solve the problem of awarding wins as we had no alternates.  The players were upset and went on a boycott.  We finally played in the afternoon.  On the third day, Herb Holloway sat down next to me and said “would you give me your bench to lie on as I had bacon and eggs for breakfast and am not feeling well.”  Those were his last words.  He died right on the bench. 

We were now down to 6 players.  We finished the tournament that way and Jack had to determine how we were to pick the winners. Win Craft and I both had ten wins.  I only had five losses and Win had eight, giving me my first Master win. Win was second, Frank Berger third, Charles Griffin fourth, George Higginson fifth, Russ Dehart 6th. Herb Holloway was not awarded his points, nor was Rosaire Biron.  All the boycotters were chastised and Rosaire  was expelled from playing in the FSA for one year.  It was a Masters we all wanted to put behind us.

Now for the women.  Their Masters went very smooth considering all the problems the men had.  Jane O played her strong game and finished with fifteen wins, six losses.  Shirley Griffin  ,  Eleanor Broughal , Gloria Stott , Rita Cronkite all tied for second, Mary Lou Elliot sixth, Kathy Mather seventh, Jane Thomas eighth.

The Lake Worth masters was the final rotating masters sponsored by Tyler and Kay MacMasters .  I believe Eleanor Broughal, Jane O and I were the only people who played in all of the five rotating master sponsored by the MacMasters.

Glen Peltier, FSA President Elect.  2010-02-14.

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