Happy St Patrick’s Day! Meet Donna Munroe, Glenn’s Wife!!

There are not many shufflers in this World who have not seen Glenn Monroe. Glenn is the FL State Tournament Director and as such you may find him almost anywhere there is a sanctioned State Shuffleboard Event.
That is not all that exposes Glenn to the Shuffleboard World!! He is most frequently the TD at International Shuffleboard events, events which take place annually. ALSO, Glenn manages the Polk Senior Games, an event that had 140 odd shufflers in the Any Doubles this year. No, we are not finished; Glenn can often be found directing US National Tournaments!!
I think you are getting my point? Glenn Monroe is a MOST SEEN GUY! He always shows up at FSA Banquets and seems like the type of “guy” a woman just might like to spend some time with?? I ASK YOU; HAVE YOU EVER SEEN GLENN WITH HIS WIFE?????

On March 16th, 2014, Stan and Lois enjoyed the company of Glenn and his wife Donna for an Irish Dinner in our home in Lakeland. Donna demonstrated her Irish sense of humor by saying, when the subject came up, that in fact she was a paid escort for the evening!! We had a Great Irish Dinner, and a Greater Visit with Glenn and his pleasant and attractive wife Donna.
Stan McCormack. and repeated on 2021 03 17!!!!!!

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