We Look Back To the Introduction of Roll Out Courts!! A Period When The Computer Was Not Nearly so Prevalent!

Stan writing on 2021 03 18: There is some good information in the several links below.

EM ISA Logo 300dpi

Up until 2009 the ISA produced a BOOKLET describing the success and related actions and pictures of the preceding ISA Event.  In the example I am going to use, the booklet describing the very first use of Roll Out Courts would have been available to the membership at the next ISA, i.e. the 15th which was held at Lakeside, OH.  I thought it would be interesting to share that with you, AND to share with you the observations of the 14th ISA which was held in Edmonton, AB.  Bob Zalatel shuffled in that Edmonton 14th ISA Event; Bob Zalatel shares his memories with us > below.

NOTE: You will find the “hard copy” of the Booklet for every ISA from 1981 to 2009  in the ISA Hall of Fame Museum in Clearwater, FL.*  Many of the names appearing in  the article “Concern Re the New Roll Out Courts” will not be recognizable to many readers. The serving officers at that time, i.e. in 1994, are listed on the left hand side of the page.   

Concern Re the New Roll Out Courts    The 14th ISA by Bob Zaletel  HOF Better Pic of 6 of 9 going in 1993 AT VEGAS!    Japanes Women

* Also, the Booklets from St Petersburg, 32nd ISA in 2013; AND Midland, 33rd ISA in 2014 should be available.

Stan McCormack. 2015 05 08

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