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You Bet Your Life the TOC (Tournament of Champions) Could “Change Things”!! Viz. Who Gets To Play in the MASTERS!!

Posted on 2018-03-22 by stanistheman

The Tournament of Champions (TOC) is the last tournament of the year in which players can earn points to qualify to compete in the MASTERS!!   The Tournament of Champions will begin on Monday, March 26th, 2018 in Sebring, FL  The MASTERS will begin in Hawthorne, FL on April 2nd, 2018.  You must qualify to play in either.  Only the Top 8 Ladies and Top 8 Men compete in the MASTERS.

To qualify for the TOC: 1) A State Championship gives you a lifetime exemption. 2) Placing in the main event during the current season gives you the right to play the current year and the next year. 3) Placing in consolation gives you the right to play the current year.

NOW; To understand my title, my heading: “You Bet Your Life the TOC could “Change Things” viz Who Gets To Play In the MASTERS!!  Few positions are ROCK SOLID.  Take a LOOK!!  Competition will be keen on Monday!!

Rank Name
Current Pts

1 Nurnberger,Pam 74

2 Allen*,Dianna 55 

3 Biaggi *,Helen 46 

3 Brown *,Ruth 46

5 Enos,Alice 37

Alice Enos

5 Smith,Terri 37

Katy Walker

Arlene Guerrini

Terri Smith

7 Guerrini *,Arlene 36

8 Norton, Debbie 35. No Pic

9 Walker,Katy 34



10 Murphy,Pauline 33


11 Myklejord, Nancy 30


12 Brake, Glenda 29

12 Smith, Joyce 29

14 Kowalewski, Flo 27

15 Austin^*,Colleen 26

My sincere apologies to Flo and Colleen.  I have pix, but cannot post for technical reasons.

1 Ball *,Earl 60 1,047

2 Dronsfield, Allen 55 195

3 Myklejord, Dean 54 146

4 Nurnberger,Ron 52 177

5 Miller *,Jim L 48 593

6 Seyfer, Michael 42 172

7 Kudro *,Dave 40 268

8 Offenther *,Ken 39 383

9 Raimondi, Steven 31 124

10 Cote, Rosaire 26 94

10 Earle *,David 26 322

10 Minnich *,Dave 26 432

10 Rebholz *^,Phil 26 340 56

Even if you are not competing, the ACTION, THE ATMOSPHERE, will be GREAT!!  Be a part of it!!  Address of the Sebring Club is: 333 Pomegranate Avenue, Sebring FL 

Stan McCormack, 2018 03 22.

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