Roy and Doreen Norman

The occasion was the 22nd International Shuffleboard Banquet held in the Harborview Center of Clearwater, FL., November of 2002.  Roy Norman had been selected to offer the Invocation for this keynote dinner and awards presentation.  It was evident that Roy had given his presentation a good deal of thought. His reference to the United Nations in the Invocation could not have been more appropriate.  The choice avoided the political and religious differences among the participants, thus avoiding what could have been a delicate matter. 

Two years later I retained vivid memories of Roy’s Invocation at Clearwater.  Two years later I needed someone to offer the Invocation at a significant albeit very small shuffleboard event in a tiny community in South Eastern Ontario, the hamlet of Blackstock.  Roy responded with an Invocation that took on a life of its own ~~ we named it the Blackstock Prayer.  In the audience at Blackstock was the Port Perry Town Mayor, Her Worship Marilyn Pearce.  Marilyn was even more impressed with the Invocation than I had been; so much so that in discussion with Roy following the Opening, she announced that she would take the “Blackstock Prayer” to a national conference of Municipalities in St. Johns, Newfoundland.  Mayor Pearce also had the prayer sent to the United Nations and informed the UN that her Town Council would be reciting the Prayer on September 21, the International Day of Peace as adopted by UN resolution 55/282. 

The prayer was next presented in an International event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in September of 2005.  In preparation, the prayer had been translated into Japanese and Portuguese. After an by an, a representative from each nation repeated the Blackstock Prayer, line by line.  The impact on the audience was again significant!!  Participants approached Roy advising him that they would be taking the prayer to their Church; that they supported the role envisioned by the United Nations in search of World Peace!! 

Roy said to me one day – “Stan you started me down this road and now you have to assist me with this big challenge to make the world a better place for all human beings”.

Stan McCormack

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  1. debsturat says:

    And what (pray tell) is the prayer?????


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