The Blackstock Prayer. (Requested by Deb Stuart)

                               SEQUEL TO –

                 “ONE WORLD, ONE DREAM”

                  We are living at the crossroads

                                                   on this lovely planet earth,

                              and we need to alter the way we are living,

                                                        call it – a rebirth.

                         With 20,000 nuclear bombs

                                                     around the world – in store,

                               there could be self-annihilation,

                                                        if ever there is war.

                          So now if we can begin

                                                     to avoid the slippery slope,

                               by changing –  “One World, One Dream”,

                                                     to – One World, One Hope.

                          Engage an international team

                                                          of Architects for Peace,

                              and then discover it is possible,

                                                          to have all wars cease.

                          Let us all be like Vikings going out

                                                          to discover new land,

                                  and  yes, make it happen,

                                                         One World,  Well Planned.

                         Then take the Architects’ plan,

                                                        for all the world to see,

                                   so that eventually it will become,

                                                         One World, One Reality.

                                                                         E. Roy Norman

                                                                         August, 2008

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1 Response to The Blackstock Prayer. (Requested by Deb Stuart)

  1. debsturat says:

    Thank you!


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