WHAT? You Never Heard of Pioneer Creek??? From the Archives of The Shuffler

Some of Pioneer Creek’s Best Shufflers in 2009



Pioneer Creek in Central Florida is home to some of the most enthusiastic shufflers in the State ~~ and more often than not, their enthusiasm translates into wins on the Courts!!  However; even more important than the number of “wins” us shufflers notch up, is the “good times” that we experience!! “Good Times” is the name of the game at Pioneer Creek and Saturday, January 7th, was no exception.  40 plus shufflers braved the frigid (35 degrees) temperature to compete in a Doubles Tournament.  Participating in the tournament were six new first time players and 2 of them went home with trophies!  Guess what folks? We now have two more players with “shuffleboard fever”. The Championship match went to 3 games with Bud Brown & Dick Barham edging out Les Anderson & Nancy Singleton by one point. By playing frame games, 4 discs for practice & 2 for lagging the tournament was completed by 4:15 p.m. and the 40 plus shufflers enjoyed a carry-in dinner with turkey & the trimmings.” We have posted a pix of the winners in the margin!!

Article submitted by Larry and Ruth Brown of Pioneer Creek.  That “turkey and trimmings” sounds pretty good folks!!  Alf and Stan of THE SHUFFLER  2006 01 08

We give you more “action” from Pioneer Creek >> Way Back When: BROWNS ARE HAPPY DeHaans in TX & MacDonalds in FL Pioneer Creek   (click on the link)

Bob Conkle of Pioneer Creek, CD of FL Tells His Story!

Cheryl and I came to Pioneer Creek RV Resort in 2003, but were not introduced to shuffling until the next year.  We started In Park shuffling and were introduced to Bill and Darlene Morrison who thought we might like to be competitive in the sport. They showed us some strategies about the sport. That same year I entered my first tournament at Sebring in a Pro-Am.  I lost out but came back for the Draw Doubles the following day and teamed up with George Adyns. Surprisingly we won first place in the main. 

Shuffling requires some skill and a lot of luck. It amazed me on how some of the shots were made.  Then I needed to get more serious about the sport and decided I needed to learn more about the game. I made State Am in 2007 and advanced to pro in 2010. I realized you can’t win them all, but you have to try your best.  Next year I expect to get hammered by the Pros but in time I hope to be more competitive. I want to thank all the people of Pioneer Creek Club and the Central District for all their help in making the sport fun.  I have made many new friends and the people are wonderful.

Thanks to all. Bob Conkle.  2010-03-01. 

And NOW: Harold Comeau Speaks: Harold Comeau of Pioneer Creek 2013 01 21

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