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Adrian Martin Speaks:  “Congratulations to Nicole (Archimbault) on her entry into the FSA Hall Of Fame. She is a lovely lady who always made me feel welcome on my visits and is an inspiration to those who enjoy watching (shuffling). Thanks again for this Site. Adrian Martin, Yorkshire, England. March 01, 2006.”  To read Lorraine Pollock’s supporting remarks on the occasion of Nicole’s induction into the FSA Hall of Fame: 1 ACTUAL FOR NICOLE A. by Lorraine Pollock

Adrian visits America (FL) and while here can often be seen on the Courts enjoying the action. Adrian is the son of Philip and Betty Martin of Lakeland, FL. Betty and Phillip Martin Will Be Missed!!  Thanks so much for that Adrian. We are glad you follow the action on THE SHUFFLER.

Betty’s son Adrian says that his “favourite moment” was watching “Mum” (Betty) and Claudette Beaulieu earn their Instant Pro Status while shuffling at St Cloud.

Claudette with the cap; Betty without the cap.

Stan of THE SHUFFLER 2006 03 02.   Re-posted on 2018 05 16 as Archival Item.


Rumor has it that a prominent American Shuffler from the heartland of FL will be competing at London, ON, in the 2005 Canadian National Singles Tournament!! Our “sources” tell us that he will be crossing the border on or about July 31st, or August 01st, the Canadian Civic Holliday!! From there he will make his way to “small town Ontario” ~~ a little place just across the border, Belle River, in Essex County. He will spend a little time there, tucked away in the countryside, at the private holding of Henry & Geraldine Strong.
While we do not have his name at this time, we have been able to uncover the following facts vis-à-vis his shuffling career!!
On December 12th of 2004 THE SHUFFLER reported that even though his team finished 2nd in a District Tournament, this 2nd place win with partner Jerry Bradner qualified (Mystery Man) for entry into the FL Central District Hall of Fame. That match was described as a “barnburner”, and when our man (????) lost, it was reported that the crowd went “wild”!!

The next piece of information we can report is this: On March 16th at Clearwater Florida, (????) earned his 200th point!! This time, (????) is working on State Points!!

THE SHUFFLER reported on this significant milestone with this report: (“????”) rise from Amateur to Professional, and now eligible for entry into the Hall of Fame has been both rapid and colourful! Unorthodox behaviour has been his hall mark, behaviour intended to bring colour, attention and most of all, enjoyment to the sport to which he devotes a good deal of his time and energy. Those who play the game are well aware that more than unorthodox behaviour is required to reach this plateau. Skill, determination and enthusiasm are all requisite requirements and ???? has demonstrated them “in spades”!!
One or two of you may now have established the identity of our mystery shuffler. I believe that as the US Nationals are taking this very week, and as our mystery man is participating, THE SHUFFLER will now go public with his name!! IT IS OF COUSE ~~ EARL THE PEARL BALL!! The report below, in italics, is excerpts from the report submitted by Earl about 1 year ago ~ from Lakeside. Earl continues to be a regular contributor to THE SHUFFLER! We are pleased to receive and publish his articles; we are equally pleased to have him participate in the Canadian National Singles Tournament in London beginning August 02nd, 2005.
REPORT from Lakeside, OH:
1 . Past “Masters Champion” Ann Wedel pulled off a DOUBLE. She won the Ladies National Singles and teamed with Cecile Messier to win the doubles. Her tough match was the semis in singles where Wilma Rudolph had a hammer to win, but foxy Ann put in a 10, which Wilma couldn’t ignore, nor hold. Ann got the hammer and put it away. “Masters Co-Champion” Earl Ball drew Jacques Bergeron for the first match and the two favorites battled it out with Ball winning both games and going on to win the National Open Singles Championship. The “elite” field contained four “Masters” players and past Champion, Bergeron, who won consolation. The Men’s Closed Singles produced the most excitement in the finals. “Masters” player Paul Miller came back to win the first game and the 2nd game finished in a tie with Jerry Krynak winning in overtime. Jerry looked to have the 3rd game won with the winning high 7 hidden and double covered with a cross block on Miller’s hammer. But Miller blasted the covers out with his next to last shot and try as he may Krynak couldn’t get his last shot in front of his game winner. Miller came down the outside and put it in the Kitchen. Miller went on to win.
John Brown and Walt Wedel won the Men’s doubles defeating Earl Ball and rising Star, Bill McMillan in three games. There were several keys to the game not the least of which was winning the lag. Wedel neutralized Ball with some spectacular shots getting out of trouble several times by taking multiple blocks off the board with a single shot putting the match in the hands of Brown and McMillan where Brown was equally spectacular reversing kitchens and getting multiple blocks off the board. Final score 79-76.

Stan’s Note: Of course, that exciting report (above) was from Earl in 2004. We are looking forward to his report for the same event for this year ~~ 2005. BY THE WAY, Earl is not the only Hall of Famer competing at London ~~ Time and energy permitting, I will attempt to “identify” some of the others!!!
Courtesy required that I lead off with our Invited Guest!! Stan McCormack, 2005 07 26.

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