More on the 22nd ISA in Clearwater > 2002.

Buck and Kay Buchannan

OPENING CEREMONIES & SOCIAL ACTIVITY 22nd ISA The opening ceremonies were held in the Clearwater Room of the Harbor View Centre at Clearwater FL. ~~ capably presided over by President Buchanan. The Deputy/Mayor of Clearwater was the dignitary of note in attendance. Ceremonies were simple and yet dignified with each nation parading into the Clearwater Room–their “Colours” displayed by the Team Captain!! Following the formal aspect, there was an opportunity to renew old friendships. Official team pictures were then taken. All Participants dined this evening at the Clearwater Club. Dinner was prepared and served by a capable group of Canadians ~~ they did a great job!! Following dinner we were entertained by a talented group of young people who treated us to music of the 50s and early 60s. Had Ed Sullivan seen them, there is no doubt in my mind; they would be on his “SHEW”!!! Remember, “Keep your stick on the Ice”!! Your Onsite Reporter Stan McCormack Nov 11th, 2002.

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