We Take You Back 19 Years >> Yes, I have been doing this for 19 years!!!

Clearwater FL > 18 years ago!!! After Shuffling Activity” Clearwater FL 22nd ISA.Dinner this evening–2002-11-14, was a “fine event”. We were the guests of the families of John & Marylyn and Sam & Marcia Allen. Dinner was served at the establishment of Sam’s Shuffleboard outlet. Because of restrictions, the Americans and Canadians were served prior to the arrival of the Japanese and Brazilians. While we were eating the Japanese & Brazilians enjoyed the hospitality of Sam’s son Jim and daughter Cathy. Marcia, Debbie, Cathy & Beth, with no doubt a “little help from their friends” prepared a delicious “BBQ”. President (Buck) Buchanan proposed a special tribute to the Allen Family for the endless support that they have provided to this event. Their organizational skills have been apparent to those who pay attention to such things and no doubt much appreciated by all! After dinner all roamed freely throughout the assembly (plant) facilities, sampling products, and testing the two portable shuffleboard courts ROLL-A-COURT. In summary, all who attended enjoyed a fine dinner and extend our appreciation for the generosity of the Burnettes and the Allens. Your Onsite Reporter Stan McCormack, Nov 14th, 2002.

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