LOOK BACK: Modern Day Record Holder Will Be In Coldwater in May, 2012!

Posted on 2012-04-29 by stanistheman

Glen Peltier Will Be In Coldwater!! 2012

The Only Shuffler With a Green Jacket!!* (As of 2012)

Glen has qualified to play in the prestigious FSA Masters 25 Consecutive Seasons.  Glen has 1250 lifetime points which is the modern day record.  Glen was inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame in 1995 and into the CNSA Hall of Fame in 2006.

*The Green Jacket denotes 1,000 Lifetime points!!  If you have not seen anyone sporting such a jacket it is no surprise; there is only 1 and the proud owner is Glen Peltier!!  Both the Green Jacket and the White Jacket are presented by The Allen R. Shuffleboard Co.; the White Jacket in recognition of earning the right to play in the Florida State Masters, the Green in recognition of achieving 1,000 lifetime points.

On the occasion of his induction into the FSA HOF, his inductor had this to say: “GLEN PELTIER became an Instant Pro on October 31, 1984, at the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club. Hall of Fame candidates must have accumulated at least 200 points; Glen easily surpassed that requirement by amassing an amazing total of 500 points at the time of his induction on February 20, 1995, at Lake Worth. He ended the 1994-95 season with 72 points (70 in Main events and 2 in Consolation), easily leading the Gold Medal winners as a very popular champion. Thus, he will begin the 1995-96 playing season with a total of 521 lifetime points! Glen played his first Masters tournament in 1986 and has continued playing in the F.S.A.’s most prestigious event every year since that time. He has won the Masters four times — his most recent win in the 1995 Masters. He is rarely seen without a smile on his face and is considered by many players as Shuffleboard’s Ambassador of Good Sportsmanship. During Glen’s Pro career, he has missed only one state tournament, and he also plays in most West Coast District tournaments. When he isn’t playing the sport he loves, he teaches individuals and groups, or is involved in projects related to the game. An ultimate champion, Glen eagerly shares his wealth of knowledge with players who are anxious to improve their game. He says that shuffleboard has given him so much happiness that he feels a great debt of gratitude and will do anything he can for the sport he loves.  The shuffleboard community is proud to add the name of Glen Peltier to the roster of Champions in the F.S.A.’s Hall of Fame.”

In 2010 Glen did a series of articles on many of the earlier greats of Shuffleboard. The series ran on The Shuffler and was well received.

Stan McCormack 2012 04 29.

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