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Earl Ball and Stan Williamson.

Hall of Fame Player – 2008


I wasn’t sure I’d get a chance to stand before you like this to present Stan for induction into the “Hall of Fame”.  After all he’s survived a heart attack on the courts, fell out of the stands on his head and out lived three wives, one of whom I thought for sure would kill him, you all remember Inga.  But here we are some 8 or 9 years after we met. That’s right, back in the summer of ’99 we met in a shuffleboard game; I won, undoubtedly the most important victory of my entire Shuffleboard career because it led to Stan saying “if you need a partner some time give me a call”.  I did and made instant Pro; that’s how I got started but more importantly, that’s what got Stan started.  I knew he wasn’t wrapped to tight, I mean, how could you not know!  But then, neither am I and I needed a partner; we fit together like ice and snow or sun and burn and off we went and where ever we went everyone knew we were there, be it Florida, North Carolina or Ohio.  Stan’s reputation spread like wild fire as “the great entertainer”.  Between his pizzazz and outstanding shot making ability he never failed to draw a crowd.

 You may not be aware, but Stan was a great player before any of this ever happened.  He made instant Pro 20 years ago and dominated the Northern District.  He’s won no less than 10 Northern District “Masters” Championships as well as set the record for points in a season in the Northern District.  He now becomes the first male from the Northern District ever to be induced into the “Hall of Fame”, a fact he can be very proud of.  Stan has won two National Championships and has finished an International World Championship Tournament with a perfect record, something that’s only 10 players out of 2500 have ever accomplished in 25 years.  He’s played in three State “Masters” and has been co-champion twice.

It’s a great honor and certainly a pleasure to present my friend, Stan Williamson, for induction into the Florida Shuffleboard Association “Hall of Fame”.  Photos in the margin are: Stan’s Presenter, Earl Ball, and Stan’s companion, Freda Kemp. 

Earl Ball Remarks on the occasion of Stan Williamson’s Induction into the FSA HOF – Jan of 2008.

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