East West Goodwill Games: By Sandi Quinn. (Look Back)

East West Goodwill Games: Report 2;

Posted on 2015-04-14 by stanistheman

Hi Stan! From Sandi Quinn, US NSA President To read the info sent along by Jay Davidson from CA, click here: https://theshuffler.net/2015/04/13/east-west-goodwill-games-underway-in-san-benito-tx-2015-04-13-we-will-try-and-keep-you-informed/

The first day went very well . . we have a full bracket of 64 shufflers . . we play 3, 16-frame games a day, two before lunch and one after.  Everyone was very pleased w/their catered lunch of brisket, potato salad, charro beans and looking forward to more lunches from Belinda Cantu Catering.  A letter from TX Governor Greg Abbot was read by TSSA Pres., Brian Sullivan at the opening.  Wilma Rudolph is our TD, while playing also.  The host park is Fun ‘n’ Sun RV Resort, San Benito, TX.  Thanks,  Sandi

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