We Give You an Enlightened Comment with regard to Men and Women Competing Against Each Other!!

Posted on 2018-04-14 by stanistheman

On Face Book there are a number of comments with regard to the wisdom of Men and Women competing against each other!!  Here are some: 

Bernar Borges Hopefully one day the ISA tournaments won’t have a separate women’s division!  Erik Hahmann Id like women to have the option to play against men in FSA events.  I am now going to share with you a number of articles by Terry Rainwater and others regarding this topic in 2008!!  

We need to do a lot more for our sport to attract new players and liven up the game. The “good ole boys” who want to keep it the game the “way it’s always been” need relax their control and allow those of us with ambition and ideas, to keep trying new things to liven it up!! …
The FSA needs to have more open draw tournaments… The FSA needs to get away from this Man/Woman stuff – We’re equal in this life and this sport.
The National needs more “Any Doubles”!!
We need to change the rules to allow Open Communication with our partners – yes, coaching!
AND YES, we need to play more Frame games to shorten the day/tournaments!
We need to encourage more excitement from spectators!!
C’mon! Jump in!! Don’t make me the only one with opinions! ……. 

Submitted by Terry Rainwater. 2009-11-05   Stan speaks: Don’t stop reading here. I am inserting an article in pdf format. Good Read.  OPINION by Terry Rainwater   For those who do not know Terry, at time of writing, he was a sincere, dedicated,  and talented individual.   Stan McCormack.  2018 04 14.

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1 Response to We Give You an Enlightened Comment with regard to Men and Women Competing Against Each Other!!

  1. Terry Rainwater says:

    Thanks Stan! My views haven’t changed, and for what it’s worth, Even though I’m not around it, I enjoy staying in touch about the going’s on in the Shuffleboard world.


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