Why Not Take A Trip To Arizona? Friends Await You!!

Posted on 2014-04-14 by stanistheman

Here is a link to the Arizona Shuffleboard Assn.:  http://www.azsaweb.com/  While I am going to give you a sample of what is available, I encourage you to go the their site and look around!  You will find many of our friends > especially for those of us who participate in International Events!! 


 Jane on the extreme left will be playing for Canada West Women in the 33rd ISA World Championship. JOHN HOUSER, ASA 1ST VICE PRESIDENT, PRESENTS A PLAQUE TO PAT LANE IN RECOGNITION OF HER SERVICE AS THE ASA WEBMASTER FOR MANY YEARS.  Pat, above holding the plaque did an outstanding job as Webmistress for a good many years.  She was a strong supporter of Shuffleboard wherever it was taking place, and often highlighted postings on The Shuffler. When you are looking at the AZ Site, you may wish to take note of the TEAMS!!    Everything seems to be TEAMS, and there is every indication that continues to be great for participation rates!!  THINK ABOUT IT!!Do enjoy your visit to Arizona!!  Stan McCormack.  2014 04 14:  (Link at the top.)

CNSA HOF INDUCTION of Patricia Lane by Stan McCormack. Special Awards Category 2015 07 24 at the 4th IP in Goderich, ON


It is my privilege to present Pat Lane for induction into the Special Award Category of the CNSA Hall of Fame.

Pat and Ernie Lane live in Grand Bend ON and winter in Tucson AZ where Pat, for many years, has been the web-master for the AZ State. In Feb of 2014 Pat gave up the State, but continues as web-master for District 2. Both Pat and Ernie have served, continue to serve Shuffleboard by serving as Board Members in AZ. Pat is currently the 1st VP of District II of the AZ State.

Pat Lane was elected to the CNSA board of directors as 3rd Vice President in the year 2004 and moved to 2nd Vice President in 2006. During these 4 years Pat demonstrated exceptional organizational skills. Early in her tenure of office, Pat was the driving force behind a questionnaire dealing with expansion across Canada and the introduction of an article on expansion which included a new membership structure and related fees. For the first time, some individual memberships were received from outside Ontario. There is little doubt that Pat’s active participation on the newly created Expansion Committee, contributed to greater clarity with regard to CNSA Membership.

When the CNSA Hall of Fame was introduced in 2005, Pat headed the committee that established the criteria for entry into the Hall of Fame. This CREDIT GUIDE ensured the Selection Process for the two categories, Player and Special, was objective, separate and distinct. A minimum number of credits was established for each. Although the Credit Guide was abandoned in 2008, the bench mark established our thought process with regard to entry into the CNSA HOF. The grid ensured no overlap between the Player and Special Categories. Further, in the general announcement to the membership, seeking nominations, Pat emphasized that while mention could be made of accomplishments outside of Canada, it was one’s Canadian Contributions that count, when determining one’s merit for the CNSA HOF!! In 2006 at an Ex Meeting in Tillsonberg at the Tates, when we were discussing the organization of the event we are now participating in, it was PAT who came up with the name INTER PROVINCIAL. Thank you Pat!!

In her capacity as the Arizona Web-Mistress, Pat ensured The Shuffler website was kept current with regard to Shuffleboard events of interest. At that time The Shuffler maintained a Canadian Page and Alf Primeau and Stan McCormack could always count on Pat to have items of interest to Canadian Shufflers brought to our attention.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Pat Lane for induction into the Special Award Category of the CNSA HOF. Stan McCormack. 2015 07 24.

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