Should Women Go “Head to Head” With Men?????

I’m offering this to everyone – …….Terry Rainwater:

 I’m still reeling somewhat over the buzz around the courts that the “sex” issue, according to Glen Peltier, has made a lot of women mad at me.  One woman at Lakeland said to me “There’s that guy who’s against women” I’ve reviewed what was posted and am amazed and somewhat in shock that my message has been interpreted in this manner.  I LOVE WOMEN!!  My Mother was a Woman; My Wife is a Woman and my Sister is a Woman!!

Please let me apologize to any women who may be upset with me for saying I believe you are equal to men. I will apologize as well to the women who are upset with me for saying I believe that women should play with men at the state “pro” level.  We all seem to get along well in the amateur divisions as well as the pro draws as we see in the Central District, but somehow – and no-one has bothered to explain this publically – the sexes don’t belong together on the courts at the state pro level – according to the buzz. 

Also, if I understand it correctly, in the western part of the USA, women and men play together regularly and have no issues with that.  I’ll also remind everyone that it was a woman who won the German championship for 2009 where men and women play together in all tournaments.  I’ve posted this topic a few times in 2009, and not a single woman has bothered to reply to this issue on this site.   All I’m going to say this year on the issue is this, I still believe what I believe – Women are equal to men – and just as capable on the court of shuffleboard…. Don’t hate me for that.  I don’t hate you for your opinion’s  …  Terry Rainwater 

Submitted by Terry Rainwater;  2010 01 01. 

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