Jim and Beth Allen Speak from the Norwich Open.

Posted originally on 2015-04-30 by stanistheman

30th Beth
30th BETH 2
Clar & Glenda Brake
Clar and Glenda Brake.
30th J&B Couple heard Royal Palms

Jim and Beth Speak:  Our waitress at the Maids Head was off work and at the local pub.  We came in and she says……. Did you see the local evening news?  Your group is in the paper!      She then runs to the newsstand and gets us a copy!  Jim and Beth

Stan Speaks!!  Great Newspaper coverage!!  See the headline, top right: “World’s Top Shuffleboard Players in action”  That young lady shooting placed in the Prestigious FSA (Florida Shuffleboard Assn.) MASTERS, held this month!!  And, she just may be sporting her White Jacket when not shuffling; the jacket is symbolic of making the FLORIDA SHUFFLEBOARD MASTERS!!  I am inserting a pic, not of her receiving the White Jacket, but rather one of her and her husband  Clar celebrating her placement in this annual classic event. That would be Clar Brake, and the “woman” shooting is of course Glenda Brake.

Back to Jim Allen:  This couple lives in Norwich, but they heard about shuffleboard by visiting the Royal Palms in Brooklyn.  They heard on the radio about the event and came over to play!  Media pays!  Jim (Allen)  If you wish to read about the Royal Palms in Brooklyn (New York), enter the words Royal Palms into the search rectangle and hit search!! 

Tomorrow, Friday, May 1st is the BIG DAY.  Do come back and share the JOY!!

Stan McCormack.  2015 04 30.

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