Myrna Adds More to her Story; Norwich Open; in England and BEYOND!!

Posted on 2015-04-20 by stanistheman

birgitt hof  (1)

With “two more sleeps” to go before we leave on our England trip.I cannot help think of all the work that has gone into making a trip like this possible. North American shufflers will be meeting Jim and Beth at Heathrow Airport, London, on Sun Apr 26th, 2015.

Many thanks go to the Allens for making this trip possible!  There has been hours and hours of planning and working with Peter and Lesley Davis of England. We look forward to meeting the Davis’s and new shuffle friends from England.

Shuffleboard has taken Rendall and I to Australia, Russia. Norway, USA and Germany. Every trip has been a wonderful experience. Our shuffleboard friends from all the nations have one thing in common!!  No matter what language we speak, we all know what a smile, laughter and a hug means!! Germany hosted the International Shuffleboard Association Tournament in 2010. After our week at England we are taking the opportunity to visit Germany again. We are looking forward to visiting their shuffleboard club and meeting with Dieter, Birgitt and Torben Hussmann. Dieter is president of the German Shuffleboard Association. 

The ISA Tournaments are a way of getting together to promote shuffleboard as well as making lasting friendships. This year the ISA Tournament will be held at Clearwater Florida on Oct 26-30,2015. 

I treasure the many friendships that I have made through shuffleboard.

Myrna Bilton, ISA 1st Vice President 

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