Archival Item: “Battle of the Big Dogs” $2,000.US Dollars in Prize Money!! Team Events Prove More Successful!! e.g. Battle For the Ritesco Cup and the WESTERN!!

Organizer Pete Rinehart.


WHERE: WINTER HAVEN SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB WHEN: SUNDAY, MAR 20th, 2005 @ 08:30 WHY: TO WATCH THE VERY BEST!! THE SHUFFLER will provide coverage of this event!! Watch this page for details!! Shufflers; we could be on to something big with this “Invitational Event”, an event which disperses $2,000.00 this year, up from $1,000.00 last year. Might it double again in 2006?

WE BEGIN WITH THE HISTORY OF THE EVENT: In the Spring of 2002 Pete Rinehart was so thankful for all that Shuffleboard had given him. Pete wanted to give something back to the sport. He did not want to hold an office and he had developed a mysterious allergy to physical labour since retiring. Accordingly, he decided to put up the money to guarantee $1,000.00 in prize money for a Shuffleboard Tournament in memory of Audrey D. Anderson. In November of 2002 Pete co-sponsored a State Amateur tournament at the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club and guaranteed $1,000.00 in prize money. In the Spring of 2003 Pete contacted Gus Bondi, the president of the Winter Haven shuffleboard club, indicating to Gus that he would like to sponsor a $1,000.00 tournament for the following season. Pete had not been satisfied with the restrictions involved when sponsoring either a State or District tournament–He wanted to do something CREATIVE! Gus immediately offered to co-sponsor the tournament and not surprisingly, suggested the event be held in Winter Haven. After consulting with Earl Ball from the Betmar Shuffleboard Club, Pete presented a draft of his plans to Gus, and after a few meetings with Gus and Earl, the format for the contest was finalized. The most difficult part of the planning was to find a date that did not conflict with State or District events. Advance registration is required: $15.00 per player must be received not later than Feb 28th, 2005. Stan of THE SHUFFLER 2005 02 11. ((Pete left us in January of 2015))


bailey wins Bob Weber, promoter first class, has just completed a Singles Tournament with significant cash for prize money. (2009 11 29) 1st place paid $500.00; 2nd $250.00; 3rd $100.00 and 4th $75.00  Bob was less than thrilled with his turnout!  The event did not continue.

Stan Speaking:  It is my view that Team Events offer the greatest opportunity for sustained appeal, sustained interest.   
Witness in the West, the Western, the largest Shuffleboard Event in the World which began prior to 1989!! (Go here to see the 2018 Call For Entries: 

Giraffes, Captained by Max Tate, accepts the Ritesco Cup from Lois McCormack

Another fine example of a Team Event was the Blackstock Spring Fling, cited to demonstrate that a single Club can host this Team Event. Pic of Winning Team above.
The Hall of Fame Classic of the Central District, in the beginning, was modelled after the Blackstock Spring Fling.  The Classic has had nothing but success since 2005, its first year.

In each of the cited events, it is the spirit of the TEAM which prevails. It is the spirit of the Team which causes participants to want to return in succeeding years. In the Western, Teams are formed and come to the event AS AN EXISTING TEAM. 2 Summary of 2005 SPRING FLING (1st)
The Spring Fling Concept varied the method of forming the teams to create, to the extent possible, 8 Equal Well Balanced Teams of 8 Players. The Selection and Balancing is performed by those managing the Event; registration is done in advance.
The Spring Fling became so popular that heated discussion developed with regard to the right to register. The Hall of Fame Classic experienced similar difficulties on its inception.
Advance registration is mandatory in all, and the number of participants is limited only by the number of courts available.
Team Events have greater appeal when they are mixed with social events and run over at least one night. This allows for a BBQ and or a Banquet or some variation thereof. The appeal is limited only by the imagination of those doing the Organizing!!
If any Reader wishes more detail such as Format, Team Selection, or Social Ideas, just send along an E-mail to

Stan McCormack of The Shuffler. 2009 12 01. AND updated on 2018 04 22.

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