Archival Item From June of 2006: SHUFFLEBALL!! by earl ball and jim barnes!!

Just imagine readers > this was originally posted on The Shuffler 15 Years Ago!!! Stan writing on 2021 04 23.

Earl good pic (2)
Jim Barnes 1st DA Mens

I went to a baseball game with three shuffle buddies last evening, what a bunch of crazy nuts! Jim Barnes, Chuck Moulton and R. L. Lay(R L is the whole name, doesn’t mean Right & Left or Right & Wrong, just R L) maybe you know them, I kind of hope not! First thing the Pitcher does is strike out a batter and the scoreboard flashes a big K, yeah, you’re right; they start hollering Great Kitchen, Great Kitchen! I said that means “Strikeout”, they proceeded to let me know I was mixed up. On the next pitch the batter started to swing and the plate umpire signed no swing, the catcher pointed to the first base umpire and he signaled strike, yeah, the guys started hollering for a third call! A similar thing happened later when a runner slide into second base and was called out; they wanted another call and, by the way, so did the manager as he came charging out of the dugout, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a ballgame so I was beginning to think things had really changed and I was behind the times! The third base coach was giving hand signals to the batter and the guys were hollering “10 off for coaching”. When we had runners on the bases they were hollering, “Clear the board and score your Hammer”. I said don’t you mean, “hit a homer and drive in the runs”, they looked at me like where “you been” of course that’s what we mean! Now it was 6/6/06 and the Devils (Devil Rays) were playing the Angels and this is my story and I’m sticking to it, besides all of them are too shy, to write in and refute the story anyway!  Earl Ball: 6/7/06 (2006 06 07)

 Jim Barnes responded “without delay” 2006 06 10:



Earl does it again, he knows what buttons to push. He wrote that story about us going to the ball game on 6/6/06, and he put the usual Earl twist to the story, then he dares us to refute his version of what took place that night….So I thought, it would only be right if all your reader’s knew the truth, so here is my story….

The Real Story… Jim Barnes

Chuck Moulton and myself had 4 tickets for the Tampa Devil Rays game on 6/6/06/, and we thought it would be nice to show Earl Ball there is more to life than Shuffleboard, so we invited him and RL LAY to join us….Boy, were we in for a surprise, we thought that Earl and RL were real Baseball fans, not so. Earl, dressed in his usual PINK shorts and yellow shirt, ( I had to talk him out of wearing the white jacket ).  It didn’t take long for them to show their knowledge of the game. After the first batter struck out and the K went up on the scoreboard, Earl and RL started yelling out ”Nice Kitchen” pitcher. Chuck and I looked at each other, and almost crawled under our seats and  that was only the beginning. On a close play at home plate,  the ump called the runner out and they start yelling for a “second call”. After the Angels scored in the third inning, they remarked, “that’s OK, we still got the hammer”. By the 4th inning, everyone around us had moved, the vendor’s stopped coming near us because they were tired of Earl telling them who he was, and how they should be holding their vendor’s box. All in all, it was a good night, RL got new drapes for his mobile home ( Towels were given out at the game) and Earl went to a place, where NO ONE knew him. Chuck & Jim will never forget the night the Angels beat the Devils on 6-6-6 …Now, you know the rest of the story, just ask Chuck.  6/9/06


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2 Responses to Archival Item From June of 2006: SHUFFLEBALL!! by earl ball and jim barnes!!

  1. Joan McCurdy says:

    No matter whose point of view was correct both stories are a very welcome humorous respite.
    You do have fun together!
    Thank you.


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