TOO GOOD NOT TO POST!!! By our Wonderful Reporter > Glenna Earle!!! Great Pix Included.

Glenna’s 9th Report from the UK. We bid goodbye to the Vikings and the Brits!!

David and Glenna

The Earles, David and Glenna

Here are the happy winners of the 2nd Norwich Open … lady & gentleman from each country and overall best ladies & men’s teams.

A beautiful celebration was held at the Maids Head hotel this evening to honour the winners of the tournament. An excellent meal was served by the hotel and we were entertained by another pair of great musicians. Peter Turrett, a classical guitarist, treated us to well played and pleasing melodies which we all enjoyed. Another segment of the music was by singer, Kerry Davis, Peter & Lesley’s daughter.
She has an amazingly beautiful voice and her choice of selections was very appropriate. She even included a couple of songs by Cdn artists, Big Yellow Taxi -Joni Mitchell and Arms of an Angel- Sarah McLaughlin, as well as some other show tunes and pop songs.

We all said goodbye to our English and Norwegian friends as we will be boarding the bus at 7:30 AM heading to the London airport.
It has been a wonderful week here in Norwich. I expect we have all made some new friends as well as renewing previous ones. It is hard to leave them behind. There were a few tears shed but promises to see one another again soon.

Tomorrow we hit the sky as we fly to Vienna.
Thanks ever so much to Peter & Lesley for organizing this leg of our journey and to those who were able to join us.

Happy shuffling to all and “We’ll Meet Again”!!!

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