I Will Publish 10 “How To” Shuffleboard Articles. Article 1


If you have NOT seen this series before, you are not paying attention!!!!!!

Do hold your cue loosely and use a full loose swing of your arm to control speed and direction.

Do follow through bringing you arm up in the direction of your intended shot every time.

Don’t make quick shoving movements pushing the disc while taking your shot.

Don’t get upset if you miss a shot or make a mistake, everyone misses shots and makes mistakes.

Don’t’ be in a hurry to shoot, make EVERY shot count, one careless shot can lose a game.

Don’t look at a disc you wish to pass by when you shoot, you may hit it.

Do adjust each shot left or right to allow for the drift of each court.

Do envision the entire path of each shot including how the disc will drift left or right.

Don’t shoot so hard that you might lose your accuracy, follow through on every shot.

Do try to shoot from the same position every time.

Do check the score for every shot and be sure to count the disc on the scoreboard too in order to see which is the best shot to take.

Don’t let discs accumulate on the board, a clean board is a safe board.

Don’t take the same shot(s) every time. Keep your opponent guessing.

Don’t take unnecessary chances unless you must because you are behind.

Do take the shot that has the highest chance of success.

Don’t leave a disc for your opponent to hide behind or block their path to hide with one of your discs.

Do hide behind any disc when available.

Don’t give your opponent a place to hide when attempting to protect your disc on the scoreboard.

Don’t try to knock out an opponent’s scoring disc that is over half hidden, remove the disc that is hiding the good disc.

Don’t try to knock out an opponent partially hidden disc with your last shot unless that hidden disc is the winning disc for your opponent. Score on your last shot!

Do ask your partner how many inches there are for a disc over a line, from a line or between discs.

Don’t try to double on your last disc unless you are behind and it is necessary to catch up. Again, score on your hammer.

Don’t try to double at all on your last disc. Score an eight.

Don’t expose a disc to the kitchen if you are not intentionally playing kitchen.

Don’t ‘play kitchen’ unless you are at least 14 points behind.

Don’t leave scoring discs of your opponent, knock them out and don’t go into the kitchen yourself.

Don’t try to put an opponent’s disc into the kitchen unless necessary. You might give them a seven.

Don’t try to put your opponent’s ‘hide’ disc into the kitchen. You might leave your disc behind for your opponent to hide behind and might even give them a seven.

Do shoot for eights on your hammer instead of sevens. Shoot hard enough to make at least a seven. Avoid the center line and the outside diagonal lines and never come up short of the entire scoreboard.

Do shoot hard enough at an opponent’s disc to knock it off so that you do not end up going into the kitchen yourself.

Do not shoot the last disc if you have won the game, just push it aside. Do have fun!!!! 

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4 Responses to I Will Publish 10 “How To” Shuffleboard Articles. Article 1

  1. Joan McCurdy says:

    Thank you. Always good to reread. I look forward to more. Love

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sue Daidone says:

    HI, Here in Ridgewood in Ellenton we have a small winter shuffle league. I decided to forward these aticles and the players are loving them!!!!! Thanks for thinking of this. Sue Daidone

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dan Martin says:

    Hi Sue
    A Couple of these articles I’ve seen before, but most I haven’t, But anyway thank you for Posting them. I for one have enjoyed reading them, you are never to old to learn something new. LOL


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