2nd of 10 Shuffleboard Articles:


1) As soon as you get in a scoring disc, guard it, then double-guard it. Don’t be greedy. Remember, your opponent should win this end by one disc. If you tie it, you have taken away his hammer.

  • If you score one, it’s actually 14 points in your favor.

Note: Statistically, the average score per end is approximately 4-1/2 points.

  • Leave your opponent with no open last shot by playing short. Go for high “10s” and high “8s,” then promote with short bumps.

3) If your opponent has kept the house clear, your last shot should be to a high “8” area (some people prefer a high “10”) to minimize his chance of staying for a score.

  • If you are three-plus discs ahead, put your last shot through the house – don’t leave anything for him to kitchen. To win, all that is necessary for the balance of the game is to equal his score on your hammers.
  • Keep in mind how often his wide-open last shot will end up

on a line – a nice surprise for your team.


1) If the choice on your last shot is to go after a half-hidden disc, or score in another area – play to score. Patience is a virtue!

2) If you have a free shot, shoot from the inner edge of your area, angling away from the far center line. This minimizes the chance of ending up on a line. It is discouraging to watch so many beginners wreck, mainly because of a poor percentage shot!

3) For the same reason:

  • Go for the larger “8” area (unless a “10” is vital).
  • Go where the drift is away from the center line.
  • Most important: Pick an area with the least chance of nudging an opponent’s disc (last-shot tension causes amazing inaccuracies).
  • Don’t try to get out of the kitchen on the last shot. Try for a score and accept the piddling loss of 2 or 3 points.

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