3rd of 10 Shuffleboard Articles:



It is tempting to bump in a disc lying outside the house, especially as a resulting score could be well guarded. But, it is a low percentage shot!

Only if it is a short bump (1 to 2 feet) are the odds in your favor. For instance, bumping a Tampa lead has a lot more chance of success than bumping a St. Pete (iust too far away).

Therefore, shoot for a score if you can even just partially hide, rather than bump.


Perhaps the most decisive shot in shuffleboard is the ability to put your opponent in the kitchen. WORK ON IT EVERY TIME YOU PRACTICE.

Finding your “kitchen weight” early in a match gives you a big psychological advantage – your opponent may abandon his normal style of play entirely, in fear of such a lethal weapon! Believe me, it sure gets discouraging to be “kitchened” five or six times in a single game (minus 60 points)!

Having said that, recognize that it is a low percentage bump shot and even the best shufflers succeed maybe 50 percent of the time. There is lots of discussion on this one – my opinion is: “Only try to kitchen when you are behind by 3-plus discs.” Kitchening can turn the score around in a single end, but always playing kitchen does not win games – it only prolongs them interminably.

1) Against a “hot” kitchen player, stay off the board. Put your discs near the sidelines and/or cozy-up to a back guard – or put your disc through and wait to score on your hammer.

2) If your opponent is in the kitchen, don’t guard it. Let him waste a shot while you go for a score on the other side.

3) If you are in the kitchen, don’t go after it, especially if you can hide one. Remember, 2 or 3 points off is no big deal. .

Note: You will often stay in, when trying to hit a disc lying in the middle to rear of the kitchen area. It is a low percentage shot. Close to the front line; it is a much better bet – but shoot hard.

  • Attempting to kitchen an opponent deep in the “7” area on a drifty court is almost a guaranteed way to ending up in the kitchen yourself – it is the wrong time to go after a cripple.
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  1. debsturat says:

    Happiness is learning from others! Thanks for these!

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