4th of 10 Shuffleboard Articles:


Find an empty court and play a game by yourself. It’s fun and you will be surprised at how fast you will improve. Challenge yourself for a half-hour, varying the shots over the patterns illustrated. They are designed to fine-tune your accuracy and distance, so necessary for outplaying your opponent.

The ability to control accuracy and distance is the first requisite for winning consistently.


Start your disc from the “V” between the two shooting areas (where your disc is not allowed in a game) and aim it down the center-line of the triangle, so that it stops at the point of the same “V” at the other end. Can you get four of your eight shots to split the far center-line? Can you stop even one on the point of the “V”?


First, shoot down four discs so they line up across the house in the “deep 7” areas. Use the next four shots to bump each one into the kitchen. If you succeed once in four shots, you are better than average.


This is a game often played at shuffleboard clubs as an alternative to regular play. Try to land all four discs in the scoring areas. It’s a lot tougher than it looks! Mark up your score as you would in a game. A count of 30 is terrific; 34 is a rarity! Try for 100 in four ends – then everybody will want you as a partner! This is very similar to 1 aspect of SpeedShuffleboard which is now an integral part of International World Singles Events.  -6-

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