7th of 10 Shuffleboard Articles.


The first team to reach 75 points, with a half-end completed, wins the game. When one team gets close to 60 points, or your opponents take a commanding lead (a-plus discs), the strategy changes.

So get into the habit of glancing at the scoreboard before starting to shoot. Your best strategy often depends on where you stand, especially late in the game.

  • Ignoring the score is a sure way to gain an irate partner, who

probably is silently fuming at the other end.


After the first two shots, strategy is dictated by where the discs are in the house, and, secondly, whether you are ahead or behind in the score, and by how much. Normally, follow this “Priority of Shots” to maximize your opportunities:

1) Always take out a scoring disc, ahead of any other shot you might be tempted to try.

2) If the choice is to take out or hide – take out and try to roll for your hide.

3) If the choice is to take out a potential double, or hide – take out and try to roll for your hide.


  • Any disc on center line can be doubled, although your opponent is less likely to try if it is back in the “7” area. (One or both discs could end up in the kitchen.)
  • A disc on a cross-line can be doubled only if it protrudes at least three-quarters of an inch in front of the line. (The hitting disc will jump forward up to one-half inch.)
  • Discs on the diagonal sidelines are almost impossible to

double (but could be good for a bump or a carom Shot).

  • If none of the above pertains – try for the hide you set up with your first shot. If necessary, move into your opponent’s shooting space to help you calculate the exact shadow area from his/her point of view – it is allowed.
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