10th of 10 Shuffleboard Articles.

This article is by a different author than the previous 9.

Wilbur Estes, The Guy Who Wrote The Book!!

Two Places to Shoot From

There are only two places to shoot from, regularly.

Forget about “Position 1”, “Position 2”, “Position 3”, and “Position 4”; they often mean different places to different people. Using “Position 2” and “Position 3” do not contribute to accuracy.

They have no positioning guide; therefore, each shot may start from a slightly different place. If so, it is subjected to slightly different drifts, which may cause you to “miss slightly”. “Missing Slightly”, of course, is not the precision that you seek.. “Slight Misses” cause losses — and you came to win.

To develop “Precision” you must shoot from the same place (for the same or similar shot) every time.

Shooting from either end of the “Starting Area” allows you to estimate accurately, the small distances from the Sideline to your Cue Disc. This allows you to shoot from precisely the same place every shot. You will shoot along precisely the same path every shot, which will become familiar. Every shot will be almost the same shot, and the result will be very similar.

Only your speed, and compensation for drift, will be different. Your shots will become consistent, as will your results.

The two places to shoot from are “The Outside Front Corner of the Starting Area” and “The inside Front Corner of the Starting Area”.

If you do not clear, or do not clear well; there may be interfering discs that will force to shoot from another position.

Also, there is a special (but not unusual) condition that requites a shot from a different position.

This is when the “Suicide Alley Drift” is “In”, meaning that the drift is toward the Centerline.

In such instance, and you absolutely must shoot “Suicide Alley”, shoot from a position “Six Inches” in from the Sideline; and aim at least halfway between the “Head Block and the edge of the Court (more, if the drift is extreme).

Your Cue Disc should go “out” around the Head Block then drift “in”; because its path is away from the Head block.


FROM THE SHUFFLER when it was http://www.theshuffler.org 


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  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Thanks for running the series Stan. Valuable as always. Be safe. Your eternal friend, Michael

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