9th of 10 Shuffleboard Articles.


A back guard is effective if your greatest need is to score, rather than trade take-out shots. Cozy up to your opponent’s disc, making it very difficult for him to remove yours without disturbing his own, too.

Be alert for possible carom shots. Often, it is the only way to get at a hidden disc. A carom off a disc near the diagonal sidelines is an excellent way to score and be guarded at the same time.

  • Especially useful is a carom off a disc alongside the “10” area. It is a nice way to sneak in a score when the front is cluttered up.
  • Occasionally, it is possible to place your shot near a hidden disc, then use it to carom out an obstinate hidden disc you can’t otherwise reach.

Beware of two or three discs bunched down the center line, or back towards the kitchen. Scatter them with a carefully aimed hard shot. Any build-up can easily result in a high score against you.

When attempting a take-out in the “7” area, be heavy. A gentle shot can glance off into the kitchen all too easily – a revolting development.

An unguarded disc deep into the “7” areas is an open invitation to be kitchened (because it is a short bump). Such a disc is referred to as a cripple.

  • Given the choice of guarding your cripple or going for a score, guard your cripple (but only after observing the first priority – take out an opponent’s scoring disc).
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